The climate change sword was swung too loosely in trying to save the Joshua trees in California

by Kenneth Wegorowski on 9/27/2020 at about 6:45 am pt

The fish and game had hearing allowing public to comment on whether to list Joshua Tree as endangered. 3 hours of public comment mostly of listing it as such for 'protection'. Lancaster city representative (I think mayor) called in stating opposition saying they already have rules in place to protect the trees. Some others called in opposed such as one of the 'green' energy associations that represent the renewable industry.

We heard that Feinstein was very much FOR the designation of lisitng it as endangered. That made me stop in my trax wondering if we were on the right path to call for this endangered status.

There are 16 solar projects all permitted and ready to be built which will not only destroy vast swaths of Joshua Trees that have been there forever, it will mar the landscape's natural beauty, create solar reflective storms, and generate heat that causes climate change as everyone knows black solar panels absorb sun's radiation and release heat into the atmosphere even though they are claimed will solve this problem.

This gives pause to reflect. Solar farms are ugly blightscapes and to allow them in to destroy any more of the desert beauty is horrific.

The Tonapau facility in the Mojave is bankrupt, was hailed as a model for the future now it's like another abandoned theme park left to rot.

I figured out what  I think is the problem with this whole matter in trying to save the Joshua tree, invoking 'climate change' as the reason was an error, a fatal error, as that argument makes it so those installing these solar projects have more reason to install them, 'for the greater good' per se of the greater quantitiy of Joshua Trees that 'would be saved' by such an installation. That is why the cunning disingenuous lying crafty Feinstein and friends were all for the climate argument.

The reality is that climate change doomo scenarios of less rain, threat to these trees, is bogus science based on the totally flawed theory that blankets of carbon dioxide trap heat that cannot escape Earth to cool in frigid space above. All one has to do to prove this fallicy is look at the forest fires this year such as El Dorado and Apple fire which created massive billowing clouds of smoke filled with massive quantities of carbon dioxide and notice how those dissipated. Blankets gone after some days or a week or so. No more trapping heat. Those were actual blankets we could see. There is never any of these blankets created that we can see from other sources deemed as being so disasterous to the planet erroneously. These hucksters present these scenes of heat never escaping and it's simply a lie.

In the report on September 22, 2020 session

While future impacts of climate changeare uncertain, the most likely scenarios predictin California more frequent and intense droughts and flood events; increasing extreme heat days; increased wildfire intensity, extent and frequency; worsening air quality;and higher electricity demand resulting from theseissues.Based on scientific models identified in the petition, the impactsarepredicted to alterwestern Joshua tree habitat, rendering much of the current available habitat unsuitable. The low reproductive rate of western Joshua tree may not allow it to expand into any newly available habitat that results from climatic shifts.This circumstance, coupled with the potential declinedue to climate changeof the moths that western Joshua tree requires for natural pollination, casts doubt on the future survival of tree populations.Therefore, climate change represents a clear threat to both public health in California and to the long-term sustainability of western Joshua tree.

The 16 solar energy projects would help meet California’s climate change goals, there by contributing to addressing a threat to western Joshua tree. Delays in these projects could be considered an emergency that authorizes FGC to address the matter through regulation.The regulation proposed by DFW would allow the 16 projects to move forward and stay on track to meet climate change goals during the western Joshua tree candidacy period, if mitigation occurs for any unavoidable impacts.Item No.4STAFF SUMMARYFOR SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 Author:Jenn Greaves2

They stretched this into threat of public health caused by climate change, thus everything carbon related is being tied to public health now in this state and it's insane and bottom line of it all is it's all about power of governing bodies to shift money around their way and massive profits for their portfolios and that of their friends as politicians always do in this state in the name of protecting the environment while destroying part of it.

Physics has proven over and over again that there is no threat of 1 particle of carbon dioxide to 2499 other particles of air, there is simply too little of it to do anything at all. This is the amount of CO2 in the air basically at any time overall on the entire planet because Earth's climate systems balances any surplus out, like for example when it rains it cleans the air of all excess as with the forest fires bringing it back to earth.

Thus this argument of 'protecting' the Joshua tree from harm based on climate change was the wrong one to use as it gave permission to build these horrible solar systems which will destroy many of these trees.

I knew something was amiss when I heard that Diane Feinstein was all for protecting these trees this way. Now I see exactly what the strategy was. Use the climate sword.

It seems this was primarily all about stopping these solar systems from being installed and they thought 'climate change' would save them. I think tearing down the very foundations of the myths of climate change is what has to be done to stop all these projects. We cannot use 'climate change' as then they us it against us 'for the greater good' as we see here as they gave full permission for all 16 projects to be built thus destroying so many of these Joshua trees.

Too late now?

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