Smoke & Mirrors

When exactly did the human body stop making antibodies to match and mirror and remove whatever minuscule sub-microscopic non living harmless virus particle of matter that came into it?

Date and time please.

Fact is they have not stopped doing their job.

Neither have marketing departments.

We need anti-marketing spray.


Where is that test for virus in the air?

Since that's where viruses can be most threatening - right up to 5.9 feet in between human beings - it's the air that should be tested, but you see hucksters in medicine have no way of finding viruses.

In blood they don't find viruses there either.  THEY/LIE THEY/LIE and THEY/LIE to $ell you $tuff and suck all of your energy. Testing only finds antibodies or strands of another of many acronyms.

It's like testing your country for a security alarm and finding it then telling everyone since it's there it means there your country was infected with aliens and that you need to mobilize all security services and fight something invisible by shooting everything in all directions with parasite spray.

That's what drugs do that "target" viruses.


Lecture us on microscopes

Electron microscopes only extremely thinly present slices and dices that are subject to interpretation.

Trusting the interpretation of a CGI slice of imagery is very risky behavior.

It's like looking at a thin slice of bologna that is 666 million times thinner and saying it's a bull in a China shop because there are bull proteins there.

Gee what does the reliable scientist say about interpreting these images?


Striking out

In the 1970's in Los Angeles the doctors went on strike.

Death rates plummeted. So did lucrative medical industry revenues there.

They quickly put an end to that strike.



The way out there thingys mutate and change and guesses have to be made every year it's a strain to believe in any shape or slice of an electron image that they have any clue what the thingys are doing other than increasing sales.



They get weaker not stronger. You are being misled by many media outlets that see and present what they want to see and present. Medical science is rather clear on this in the textbooks. Name me one reporter that ever read a textbook.


What sin a name?

Somehow the PITCH-19 name stuck. It was actually SARS-somethingorotherconfusing. SARS is so 1990's.

The 19 actually stands for 2019 strain.

Ask anyone what the 19 means and they will look you with blank stare.

Marketing is a funny thing.


Play with us

INTERESTING-2020 a study in human behavior and control. They told everyone to stay home - to be fake news washed - economy tanks - players win again bigger than ever.

WHO needs casinos? Still it's all fun and games.


What's that stink?

Now there's a horrible chemical smell everywhere. Is this another toxic waste dump scam like fluoride? We are being gassed. Hey guys what do we do with all this toxic waste no country will take any more?

Of course. Mandate that every commercial space spray it everywhere to dis-infect hwat hasn't yet been infected by anything. They are spraying dis-ingenuously. They missed a spot constantly so they spray more. Stores now smell like a tented home. Never mind that viruses are not living things we don't have to kill any more than dust.

Get that product moving!

You are a team player.



Party like it's the old days when we were free.