Tom Cowan asks the question "Why is there not a single published paper showing the direct binding of any pathogenic virus directly in the fluid of any sick plant animal or human being not once"

September 28, 2022


4:40 mentions how even the scientific community admits it can't be done Malone is there speaking Tom comments after

 "you can not find any virus called sars cov 2 in any sputum of any sick person everyone agrees with that"

reason is there is not enough virus to see

even though they tell us "the lungs are teeming with viruses"

they claim billions of viruses yet they tell us they can't find them

so this is such an obvious contradiction

Tom Cowan calls this out logically explaining in more detail

"why can't you find it in the lungs" he wants us to ask these Hustlers In Virology (HIV)

instead of the scientists trying to prove their theories about viruses wrong which makes for good science they do the opposite, hide things, bully people, refuse to provide the public all the steps they use in their experiments, push hard at all cost to prove themselelves right [as they have agenda$]

then he moves on to discussion of heart attacks and the science there

you can start in around 10 minutes in on that matter

asks if anyone has heard of anyone who had a spleen attack a liver attack a foot attack

we always only hear about heart attack and brain attack