zero by 50

the goal is to remove all wind turbines on earth by the year 2050

by that date we will have zero of them

this will save the planet as green energy is killing us
i N T E R N E T  M A T T E R

the farmer not in the Dell computer heads to the clouds to capture them as they cause climate change 10,000% greater than carbon


the wrong circle keeps heading upward

instead of going up and around need to go around and down

need to remove all wind plantations or remain as slaves

must now start to de-industrialize with the most wasteful projects first this will take energy

allow those approved projects to be built and live our their lives then dismantle

as 2020 ends the last of any wind turbine project approval & build

and at the end of 2050 we will celebrate the complete de-commissioning of dark green energy and invite Mother, Father and God Nature to our party as they all breathe a sigh of relief without wearing oxygen depriving face masks