Kaufman and Lanka speak with Corona committee with Reiner Fuellmich



the standard basis and narrative in science is invalid regarding alleged viruses

they refute theory they do not have a theory which is an important principle to understand

they have never proven any "virus" exists in nature

starting around 37 min Kaufman is challenged on virus existing

around 40 min Wodard cannot come to grips with that and asserts that viruses are not living things "they are packages of information"

where is the proof of such? is there a tracking # provided? these scientists make all this stuff up

a petition was made by Wodard at the beginning of this virus hoax early 2020 link presented on Dr. Kevin Corbett page

then in response to Wodard stating viruses are packages of information Kaufman says that we are not told that we are told viruses are the cause of destruction and disease

then Wodard says the virus gives information to the cell and makes it replicate the virus but where is there ANY proof of this?

Kaufman says the replication of the virus is claimed to go on there in the cell and to prove it causes disease you have to

Wodard brings up saliva and "rabies" he clearly believes in the virus but Kaufman goes back to proving the virus exists and asks if any paper has been shown that actually proves the virus exists

Wodard was unable to explain focusing instead on symptoms and started ASKING QUESTIONS that were supposed to have been answered by science already

then there was a hissy fit about being interrupted and drama and this is what happens all the time when bad science is exposed

"He's interrupting me!" "Let me finish my sentence!"

around 54 min Lanka recalls part of his learning process back with HI "virus" and the political choices that were not based on science watched people kill themselves as they were terrified as they did not want to wait 2 years for the "virus" to kill them and the idea that these viruses form a "terror group" in the body and this is a misleading construct