Rappoport and Cowan speak on the never isolated virus thus does not exist in nature

Jon Rappoport was there in the 1980's AIDS debaucle fraud wrote book "AIDS Inc."

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they have never proven any "virus" exists in nature and this is important to understand

all virology theories are REFUTED

show notes:

there are no false positives or false negatives in PCR tests, there's just falses as no virus was properly isolated to prove existence

the corona virus has never been isolated characterized described thus there's no way to make a surrogate test

if you don't have the virus there is no way to prove absoulute causation

officials admitted they never had nor ever have a quantified virus available to use to create testing modalities

virology does not use dictionary definitions of words in particular discussion on word "isolation" and what most people think of it's meaning

Christine Johnson tipped off Jon Rappoport on viruses not even existing

virology deceives the public and it's players within the theology

Pasteur Institute has published paper confirming all of these things required for proper isolation MOSTLY IGNORED by those promoting virus/cause nonsense

isolation and characterization is vital but this is not done in virology

it's like we can isolate a knife from a fork but virology takes a pile of junk from a landfill, blends it up into a fine powder, then tells us "we have sorted out what's there and we found the fork" then sells you fake tests, tons of marketing bullshit propoganda and counts their winnings in the stock markets when all they ever have is a pile of junk blended up into fine particles that no one on Earth can legitimately say "here's a fork"

virology does not use the scientific method it uses the make things up as they go method and hustle method

they can say whatever they want, it's like the virologist can say they own 5,000 Cadillacs stored in a warehouse in Jersey, when the scientific method is applied it shows using some basics that they are making a claim without proof, then the virologist or Hustler In Virology (HIV) would make up more stories and the scientific method would search every building in Jersey every single one which is not an impossible task but 100% improbable thus making it 99.666% impossible and we know would never be done nor required thus the virologist then goes on their merry way making that claims rebutting anyone that contridicts their claims saying "well no one can prove that my claims are not valid thus my claims are valid" then goes on TV and committee meetings senate hearings on and on selling their wares of treasure maps and whatever they can make up to draw in customers based on the lie of viruses causing complex diseases that are not proven transmissible

disease is created not caught like a baseball

in China 300,000 people die of pnueumonia in a year then suddenly the HIV claim there's a "new virus" with no proof

alarm bells for FRAUD went off for those who are aware of their tactics

Wuhan had so much pollution it was obvious what was causing health troubles government there did not want to take that responsibility on, blame a virus instead

The Church of Biological Mysticysm - the priests make their declarations you follow the teachings

Tom asked brilliant questions of virologist who claims "viruses are intracellular pathogens" is what these hustlers say but that statement is contradicting itself, a pathogen is defined as something that can trave and "infect" if they are intracellular, they don't then go in the air and "infect" as they are intracellular, it's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV)

make a replica of a castle of legos, where's the blueprints of the original castle? the virologist has none.

The science is not even well referred to as "fairy tales" as those are based on reality, superstition is a better description or saying virology is a unicorn with varied colors they call variants, we know they exist because like with seeing pictures of viruses that are all creations of the mind pictures of unicorns also exist.


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