Can we stop being mosquitoes now?

Some of us want to go back to the health club for our health but government says now it's not healthy to go to a health club so they shut them all down "for our health" along with flying in airplanes for our health and they keep telling us to stand 666 feet away from everyone "for our health". Then they told us we should wear face coverings to protect us from viruses even though the science clearly states that viruses are so small they go right through the fabric not only of our surgical masks and bandanas but through our minds and our condoms.

Margaret Heckler the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States told us this way back in the mid 1980's that expecting viruses to not go through condoms is like expecting flies to not come through your front door when you leave it and the screen wide open, then saying "but that's all we have" [to protect people].

Ah the good old days when the Democrati now are were basically telling you to hand over your vote or you will die.

Mother Nature will kill you. Mom used to be so nice.

We did so much for her for decades, now she's a CO2 addict on crack pot. Doesn't Harris smoke that stuff too? Dizzy Lizzy claims she's the carbon terminator will ill-iminate it in 16 years. Each one tries to out shorten the time frame climbing over each other in a frenzy. They will all use double your energy to replace electricity with wind farms that CANNOT WORK WITHOUT THE BURNING OF FOSSIL FUELS. Democrat party is 100% logic fluid evil clown show without circus animals. They all think they are entertaining you as you keep puking from being fed wasteful green vomit energy. They now are officially insane skitzo delusionists or so full of bullshit even farm animals & their assault farts want nothing to do with them.

To calm all of them down and bring them back to this planet from some undiscovered galaxy somewhere first order of the day is to start drug testing all politicians. I then decided to "do something" to stop global warming I grabbed carbon blankets out of the sky and repurpose them over my windows and open doors and I can't figure out why it still gets cold in the house at night. In an existential exchange with the party of delusions I demanded the eco-loons all hand over their carbon dioxide air blankets or the homeless will die this winter and I plan to give every single homeless person a carbon air blanket so they can stay warm as there's so many Democrats full of hot carbon dioxide infused air bubbles these days I am sure their carbon capture & release systems would provide enough for everyone. In their world they live in a vacuum thus eliminating convection as is what happens in dual pain in the ass windows that insulate like carbon dioxide bubble minds never allowing stupidity to escape. Do they not read books? Water vapor is what causes climate change. 10,000% more of it in the air than CO twice screwed thank you!

Somehow the conversation went went amok as they were offended by certain words and they uses so much energy trying to stop assault words. They said words harm air and they will ban assault words and weapons which means they will ban about the same amount of weapons on the streets and in homes as there is carbon dioxide on the planet, .0004 of it in mathematical terms for those few who understand fractions and decimals.

Assaut is a verb, it is an action word not a noun thus there are very few assault weapons anywhere except in war. Democrats all must have failed English in high school as they were maybe too high as they excelled in Marketing Bullfart 101. There are weapons. There are no assault weapons unless you also call kitchen knives and rocks used in your yard and pipes for your water supply and baseball bats assault weapons and ban those, then you are at least being consistent and not a sleasy politician.

Assault words, sticks, and stones are only assaultive by certain indivdual's actions then they are defensive by others, it's another sales pitch using the adjective "assault" as for the overwhelming majoirty of weapons owners they are defense weapons, ASSALUT WEAPONS ARE ALREADY BANNED. It is illegal to assault with any weapon including hot air.

If you are going to hand over your vote to a lying con of a sleasy politician that claims they is going to ban an assault weapon and ban carbon dioxide which comprises a mere .0004th of the sky they are banning the weapons BEING USED by someone using it for assault of someone, they are not banning the defense weapon and again these assault weapons are already banned from being used for assault and of course all these deceitful uses of adjectives is again so you will hand over your vote to cons, so just use adjectives in defense.

No one owns any assault weapons that sit in their homes or in the dirt buried. You only own defense weapons guaranteed you as a RIGHT in the US Constitution that Democrats hate with a passion. Sleazy Democrats want to take your rights away from everyone in the over hyper-schitzo proabundance of caution. Such defense weapons may include knowledge called internet matter, librarians who know more than internet matter, and your vote, NOT/TV which is an information assault zone filled with delusion.

Starting January 1, 2020 in the California ozone layer next we will see how anyone will be able to make up stories accusing you of possible harm to yourself or others or to the planet using too much carbon anything as they storm your house looking for weapons and dioxides. The sales pitch used the term red flag presenting lollipop fantasies of a good worker on the roadway with a red flag helping make sure you stay on the side of the road that's open. That's how they pitched throwing people away for life after 3 mistakes.

As with the "3 strikes and you're out" laws in the 1980's that destroyed lives for 30 years for many humans that got trapped in a system of hot air and hyperproabundance of political crap, which now are being reversed after decades of families being ripped apart and lives destroyed, these pitches are used on the public by politicians so they have great pensions, multiple homes, etc. because they make people feel good and that they are "doing something" which IS/NOT effective solutionizing.

Vote for solutionizers not for dosomethingizers. Notice how many times they say "do something" and how many times they don't say "solutionizing".

So the protectors like as we see in movies with super heros will be allowed by laws they write to do this without court orders. This is what Nazis did. The Democrats divert your attention on Trump. Projection is what they are up to making appear as someone else is the bad guy. They are the finger pointer party. It's easier to point at others than at themselves. Even the ACLU deems this movie bad. Not only will the many sitting duck zones still occasionally see wepons of objectivity appear by those who should not have them who suffer from LISP (Lose It Syndrome Problems) which never gets detected no matter how many obtrusive rules are made by these political liars and "do somethingizers", illegal aliens from other planets will have illegal dioxides, and countries will still have weapons of mass assault of your feelings which will spur on more laws against hurt feelings and congress will call for another assault war on some leader who also was deemed a threat to himself and others claiming he has weapons of mass delusion, thus again projection and starting endless wars on logic and of course who will be blamed, Mother Nature, Satan, you, God, your parents, USP, and TOP (The Opposite Party).