There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTER

NASA astro not tells us that they "destroyed the technology to go to the moon" but that technology has been spotted at thrift shops. They also said they did not see stars in space from there. How is that even remotely possible? What if we only went to a movie set? learn more

places that matter

what is Today's Date?




hold your horses

size matters

planting solar seeds

Joshua's tree

no phone no food

mask you raid party

evacuating coastlines

even influenza gets it

green is the new black

drained swamp

show your papers

white colonists r us

politicial landfills

round lensists

ZERO by 50

carbon left no prints

exercise (closed)

restaurants (closed)

theaters (closed)

does it matter?


in some worlds only the human body creates immunity


Coronavirus -  American Medical Association medical reference calls it common cold

David E. Martin
David E. Martin
Read his article where on April 22, 2020 he evidenced that 'covid-19' was result of illegal coordinated actions of CDC, NIH, Fauci, USHHS, WHO and here we are today 1 year later instead of 2 weeks cleaning up their mess while they have all your money once again and the facts about this criminal fraud is staring fact checkers from behind they refuse to turn around and look a recent video where he was asked to testify in New Hampshire about this corona thing. Visit his website and view latest expose he presents with Stew Peters. He has recently published the Fauci Dossier exposing the fraud and corruption of Fauci.

watch his presentation first 

read the full 200 pages here
of which the meat of the document is a mere 24 pages so it's an easy read, most is reference. Take special note of page 5 which mentions how things found in nature are not patentable, on page 6 the claim that Fauci's "abuse of the patent law is detailed below. Of note, however, is his willful and deceptive use of the term 'vaccine' in patents and public pronouncements to pervert the meaning of the term for the manipulation of the public." Also worth noting on that page is mention of Fauci's "bogus invention". On page 8 he quotes marketing schemes to "hype" the product. On page 17 it is noted that the term "The New Normal" was first introduced by Merck on January 6, 2004. Page 23 presents over 5000 patents since 1998 referencing SARS coronavirus so contrary to most individuals beliefs this is not new and also on that page reference that Moderna patented 9 months before SARS-cov-2 outbreak! On page 25 statement that Fauci forced upon a healthy population an unlawful clinical trial. Page 26 states all agencies that demand the use of face masks must cease and decist their demands as they are all violating the FTC Act.

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