here are some other things that make the internet matter

Is It Down Right Now provides list of websites that are working or not working

EDNS compliance zones tester

price of a stamp

list of sanctuary cities

IP address lookup

submarine cable map

How the entire internet should look

Find out your internet provider address for techincal issues

Find out if a service on the internet is working/online or not right now

A search engine that says "We don't track you"

Universtity library encyclopedia

CPU benchmark test

Intact foreskin matters

Database that tracks the police shooting of animals

Get an instant & temporary disposable email address and read your mail right there on the website, which can save you from getting spam

Online calculator (includes scientific functions). Create an online website for free

The very first public web page

First web browser was called WorldWideWeb

Domain registrars - 216 terminated - 1133 accredited

Amish newspapers thrive in the internet age despite no online presence

Find out who is hosting any website

Do smokers really cost the public more money than non-smokers?

Here is a periodic table of videos

How big is the Internet?

The very first public web page

How much water is on the planet

I cought the flu and now I have this years strain so I am protected, why get a flu shot that guesses strains?

Flu deaths HIGHLY exaggerated! 

Try to calculate 187,757 acres to square miles while leaving the comma in a long number and get an accurate result. You would be surprised how many sites have a problem with the comma!

universal antidote for poisoning

A simple "tree" structure can be presented easily like this

├─ *
│  └─ sub
├─ host1
│  └─ tcp
│     └─ _ssh
├─ host2
│  └─ tcp
│     └─ _ssh
└─ subdel


some things found on the internet matter

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