27 minutes in Kaufman comments on Lanka 2018 Supreme Court of Germany case he won proving non existence of measles virus

states it's a legal decision not scientific

no need really to rely on a court case in science it's easy to prove the science being flawed in virology without the case

33 min in he shows how 1st paper presenting sars-cov-2 as "existing" was not stating any evidence of cause disease "covid" then 2nd paper referenced the first and stated erroneously there was evidence of cause and all papers after that kept doing the same thing which leads to the bad decision making in governing and panic and hysteria and propoganda it's like that childhood game where kids sit in a circle, the teacher tells one student a short story, they tell each other what the other next to them told them, until they go in a full circle, and the teacher asks the last student told the story to repeat it to everyone and everyone laughs and is astonished as the story is nothing at all like the first

50 min in Kaufman explains how cold flu pneumonia and other conditions are caused by toxins being purged by the body it's not a virus it's a cleansing healing process

54 min in discussion about breast cancer screening most all the biopsies come out negative it's big business, screenings are not accurate interpreting mammograms rely on imaginary principles, defensive medicine pushes it all in this direction, mammograms increase risk of cancer from radiation, cancer and vaccines are most lucrative in the industry, Gemma says women are being exploited, chemotherapy was originally nitrogen mustard, chemical weapons!

1 hr 2 min in we need to educate people on what a healthy diet is and remove fear we are out of touch with our own bodies so much so we don't even know when we are dehydrated and often we are lacking water in our body and this has a vital role in our biological systems