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Obvious trickery

This "Mars rover" image after a Mars dust storm supposedly shows an accumulation of dust on the solar panels. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how fake this image is. They claim that there was so much dust that the rover "blended in" with the soil on Mars. Look closely at this, dropping your facination gene for a moment, and look at the ground, and the rock formations, look especially at the shading of the gullys in the soil that are darker than lighter. These formations on "the soil" run right through the solar panels. This is nothing more than computer generated effect. Solar panels are not clear. If there was such a storm on a real piece of equipment on Mars the panels would have an even tone of dust. All one has to do to prove this is look at a car on Earth that was in a dust storm or better yet, look at solar panels on Earth that need routine cleaning because of a coating of dust that appears on them regularly. One doesn't see what's inside the house through the dust like we do here. 


Another thing to notice is how the vertical shafts are also "coated" in this same computer generated color.

In this image we can see how the are when they are "clean" and free of dust, they are opaque.



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