Sun day

Whenever I take a photo on a sunny day the lighting is uniform. On the moon it comes out as if there was stage lighting. How can this be a real photo on the moon when the lighting is not uniform. It's bright in the center. This is a sign of staging. Notice it especially in the reflection of the helmet.

In this next image what's that blue triangle that looks like sky above? Very out of place.

"Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., Lunar Module pilot, is photographed during the Apollo 11 extravehicular activity (EVA) on the lunar surface. In the right background is the Lunar Module Eagle. On Aldrin's right is the Solar Wind Composition (SWC) experiment already deployed. This photograph was taken by Neil A. Armstrong with a 70mm lunar surface camera. Date 20 July 1969. Source NASA Images at the Internet Archive. Author NASA / Neil A. Armstrong."

So you are telling me to believe that when they got to "The Moon" they wrapped this space craft up in gold foil lame'? Really now. Gold was not even discovered back then. What's that light source double image in the lense that looks like nothing like a round Sun more like a halogen light bulb. Sun never did that in any of my photos. No atmosphere no crater? Paleeze. Not a speck of loon dust is out of place.

The power cord is another special touch.

When asked the astronauts stated they did not see stars when they were on THE/MOON. I guess they thought the question was about seeing movie stars on THE/MOON as there is no atmosphere on THE/MOON they should see stars. If they were not on a stage they would have seen stars.

Then we have this "actual footage" of feet on the Moon. An 8mm HOME movie camera from the 1960's took better footage than this and notice again the spot of light in the center, must have been due to a Sun spot. I have no photos from the 1960's showing anything like this when the sun is shining through the massive non existent carbon blankets man has created in the sky. Must be a Moon thing. No atmosphere, no dissipation of the sun's lighting like on Earth, it just comes down as a centrified ray.

Then there's that lame video of the moon
transitioning the photo of Earth where we see edges in blue green screen dream. See if you can find what's wrong with this pick sure besides Earth obviously not being round or flat (it's fround).

Why is the moon not lit by the Sun? Does this color match what you see in the sky on a full moon? Why is the Sun not lit by the Moon? Must be the contrast at night even though in the day it's also white when lit by the Sun. They say it's the dark side of the Moon. How can that be? This is impossible as the Sun is illuminating the Earth from behind the camera or computer program that is adding this fake image of the moon to the pixels all over the place. Or was Uranus and Pluto causing an eclipse making the dark side of the moon dark? That must be it. Maybe the Sun was eclipsed by the Moon thus not allowing the Sun to illuminate the Moon over Miami eclipsing the Bermuda Triangle. There must be a logical explanation other than it being faked. Maybe it's because a Sun spot got in the way or got away from the spoon. Another odd thing that requires another 666 zillion $ of your money to figure out is that NASA presents a series of photographs of "The Moon" moving across the Earth (as seen in the one frame above) OVER 4 HOURS yet the clouds never change in 4 hours. This would indicate that it is NOT PLANET EARTH it is another planet or that time space continu-ummm has interfered somehow or it's just that the big bang theory intercepted. In 1959 the farside was first imaged by the Soviet Luna 3 spacecraft. The above image looks like one from 1959 low quality computer cam yet it's supposed to be 2015.

Here's NASA Reconissance orbiter photo composition done around 2010. If you look closely you can see cow farts jumping over it trying to get away from climate nuts crossing the road to nowhere as they chase air blankets comprising .0004th of the entire Earth's atmosphere claiming the sky is falling. Shouldn't the floating Moon passing by the camera over 4 hours be lit like this just as the Earth is lit like this?

Obviously this is all a test of the who's noticing what system.

This is not only a test it's hypnosis.

At least we all know ROFL when we see it. Everything else is all a blur.