"Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years"

This statement is used in article found on ultra conservative Breitbart that pushed stopping resettling refugees in the US

Things like this are said all the time to scare people of the costs telling them they will be paying for it in their taxes.

This is like  how they pushed through the making "able bodied" adults jump through more hoops to prove they are worthy of food stamps when they are fucking broke making them "work" 20 hours a week even though there is 3.5% unemployment and they might not be able to find any work. The plan that conservatives tout as saving so much money saves each person about $.52 per month out of their budget. Since the median income is like $42,000 per year this is nothing.

So with this bullshit on refugees that are legally resettled from places of chaos it's costing us all less than a dollar per month. These resettled people may end up being a coworker a friend or someone who saves you $100 on a towing job as they see you stranded and love America so much they are glad to help anyone they see. These are the benefits that are not calculated and quantified but are there and are extremely valuable.

All these outlets do which are out for your attention to sell their ad space hyper-regurgitate this nonsense of how it's costing taxpayers without presenting the hidden benefits.