size matters

here is an image they use to show us how dangerous is cellular debris (aka virus)

in reality (instead of cartoons) no virus is 1/2 the size of a human head

viruses are so infinitessimally small they cannot be seen

'viruses' do not have spikes that extend out as big as their bodies, they are cell debris, don't even look like this, cannot be seen even by normal optical based (lens) microscopes and are 2500 x smaller than bacteria in real life and as many of the greats have pointed out are cell debris

in other words viruses are cell poop they are not monsters that attack anyone, and that mask that this cartoon character is wearing does not stop viruses as these cell poop monsters that are completely invisible go right through the holes of the fabric

so this is basically bullshit propoganda deceit disingenuous brainwashing hyper pro exaggeration lies

now imagine the picture above showing NOTHING but blue skies and trees and water and a person scratching their head trying to figure out who lied to them about cell debris

that's what is there in the air, nothing of harm really just dust particles and cellular debris particles 2500 x smaller than dust

the body produces this cellular debris worrying about catching it in the air is like worrying about catching dust, if you can see a dust storm grab a cloth or fake mask to cut down the large dust particles you can see but to try to stop any virus with the device as shown in the photo is really really stupid as they do nothing to stop cell debris

if you like me are sick of the virus fraud raise your hand