The vaccine passport is another SHIT/SHOW

It is illegal but they will play this game to distract you from the real agendas

They scare everyone with their lies, business afraid of being sued and fined goes along with it

Eventually the courts will rule against these passports on almost all levels with some rare exceptions

They are abusing the public we all mostly know this but this guy helps us understand


Some details on the vax trials using humans as lab rats mostly without them knowing it can be perused on this document

There is some basic fundamentals that people need to try to understand about this virus lie agenda.

  1. First and foremost it's always about money if there was no piles of money involved they would not bother

  2. Next, it's about money through jabby sales selling products you don't need while they maintain NO/LIABILITY

  3. Next, it's about money and more money than ever imagined for the elite that steal it from you

  4. It's about who's going to be the first trillionaire like the "Trading Places" 1980's movie, there's a bet for one dollar

  5. It's not about your health it's about money, cash flow, portfolio growth, new homes, fancy cars, making all the peasants into obedient slaves with benefits