97% of all scientists agree with the science presented by those funding them.

Amazing Polly vindicated as she calls out Peter McCullough's spike cure company as based on fraud, lies, missed information, ignorance, and deceit. Mark Bailey and Gemma O'Dohtery also comment. They were there at the start calling out this fraud while McCullough perpetuates the lies for business model gain.

Watch Dr. Spike Protein illusion pusher smirk and smile as he asks if those like Amazing Polly are just "operatives for the pharmaceutical companies". Touch his white lab coat costume to watch his testimony and hear from Dr. Tom Cowan and his analysis as to why virology is nonsense.

This is so laughable but it's sad and dangerous medi SIN as he promotes viruscides that are poison pesticides and homicides causing suicides on cellular functions and many other pharmaceuticals. He seems to model a used car con man selling cars that were at one time submerged in a tidal wave. Understanding how he constantly scams the public is important as for the last 4 years of the scamdemic he's spoken as an "authority" figure to many a governing representative body in rule making. In one episode of appearing before a governing committee he actually pointed out there are no viruses, while at the same time perpetuating the lie of viruses being real and not just dangerous unicorns. The method he mentions in the hearing merely spits out computer data, just models based on imaginations of what a "virus" could be, no virus needed, they just use computers "in silico" to create their Hustles In Virology (HIV). This science is so deceitful it's like they have the public believing the ping pong ball in the 1970's game of video PONG is a real ball. He's been called out on this in particular by Christine Massey who asked for evidence, he quickly scurried off like a rat ignoring any further questions and fails to present evidence of any virus PROVEN by absolute measure and proper science to exist.


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