The good doctorate Tom Cowan has provided the world's best explaination that is easy to understand on why we already live in a world free of viruses though we continue to live in a world of illusions.



SHOW NOTES for Wednesday September 14th 2022

Fundamental structure of "virology" never proved any such assertions of any virus as they call it actually existing.

You can not prove a virus exists by electron microscope pictures.

Pictures of SARS-CoV-2 are breakdown of the cells not of virus.

Fleming claims electron microscope photos prove virus, he needs to prove his assertions.

Fleming fails to provide his evidence to Dr. Cowan.

Virology is based on bits of nonsense. Fleming could admit he is wrong. Absent of that there is no proof of what he (and others) asserted.

There is no vial of HI virus, no vial of pure measles virus, any virus, they don't exist.

Fleming is one of the "freedom" voices and it's scary he cannot provide proof while he (and others) misleads the public.

Children's Health Defense picks up article by Mercola, "Fauci's team.....deadly version of Spanish Flu Virus......just like they made a deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus"

All of such presented is nonsense, to prove it's a lab engineered virus, Cowan analyzes the claims precisely and in depth.

Challenge to Saks, Renz, Martin, Kennedy, Mercola (I would add McCullough and Malone) all who keep going around making claims there's a "lab engineered virus making people sick".

I would highlight McCullough's claim of "spike protein" is also a fantasy.

Met David Gershon in San Francisco. Gershon embraced "covid" following the injection protocol. Gershon died in his sleep that year. Gershon thought there was a HI virus and spent his career assisting others with the killer AIDS drugs.

Genetic material of HI virus claimed part of this new "engineered" virus.

If you are claiming this new SC2 is made from HIV and any other virus obviously the first thing you have to prove is the existence of HIV and the previous corona virus.

This has never been done on this planet anywhere.

Tom uses an analogy of proving a horse, mare, donkey exist and claims made of what they can and cannot do and how to determine such.

Tom spoke with David 20 years ago, a doctor in San Francisco, saying "David there is no HIV".

Now let's look even deeper down the dangerous unicorn pit, virology is like the 1970's game of PONG.

Click on the "in silico" ping pong ball that appears real but is only a CRUDE REPRESENTATION to learn more about "the science" of virology which makes things appear real when they are not.

We already live in a world without viruses.

We do live in a world made of imaginary things.

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