Everything gets it

 So where is the test for everything.

It's everywhere they say so please test my everywhere not my body that shits out viruses after it smashes them to pieces with antibodies. 

Tests only find these pieces of smitherines.

There is no test in the universe anywhere that finds virus.


Smoke & Mirrors

We keep seeing things that are invisible.

Viruses constantly mutate.

World Counting Organization must have noticed by now we are at last year's FLU-666.

When exactly did the human body stop making antibodies to match and mirror and remove whatever minuscule sub-microscopic particle came into it anyway?

Date and time please.


Missing test for virus in the air

Since that's where viruses can be most threatening - right up to 5.99987039423784341 feet in between human beings - it's the air that should be tested

But you see hucksters in medicine have no way of finding viruses.

In blood they don't find viruses there either.

 THEY/LIE THEY/LIE AND THEY/LIE to $ell you $tuff and suck all of your energy.

The only things test find as they rape your skin with their blood sucking needles is antibodies, the defenders, they are in everyone.


Lecture us on microscopes

Electron microscopes only present slices and dices that are subject to interpretation.

Trusting the interpretation of a CGI slice of imagery is very risky behavior.

It's like looking at bologna and saying it's a bull in a China shop because there are bull proteins there.


Striking out

In the 1970's in Los Angeles the doctors went on strike.

Death rates plummeted. So did lucrative medical industry revenues there.

They quickly put an end to that strike.



The way out there thingys mutate and change and guesses have to be made every year it's a strain to believe in any shape or slice of an electron image that they have any clue what the thingys are doing other than increasing sales.


Death only has one cause now

They are telling the family of the 98 year old frail mom who died of old age that it was the THAT-19 thing that did it.

There are no deaths from car accidents anymore only from viruses.

Heart disease no longer exists.

Nor any other broad category of 30 diseases any more it's THAT-19 that did it.

So they can make the case for $$$$$-20.

Statistics easily manipulated.

Congress gives them everything they want.


Play with us

INTERESTING-2020 a study in human behavior, they tell everyone to stay home and be fake news washed, economy tanks, businesses shutter, players win again bigger than ever.

WHO needs casinos?


What's that stink?

Now there's a horrible chemical smell everywhere.

Is this another toxic waste dump scam like fluoride?

At least that sodium monoflourophosphate does not ruin your breathing apparatus.

Hey guys what do we do with all this toxic waste being produced in China which makes the entire world's goods, waste that no country will take any more?

Of course. Mandate that every commercial space in the universe spray it everywhere to "dis-infect" disingenuously.

Never mind that viruses are not living things we don't have to kill any more than dust.

Get that product moving!

You are a team player.



Kentucky gets over $100 million for testing for "the virus" as the way out of this black hole but the tests never find it but they tell you it does but it does not.


Testing only finds random antibodies.

Tests find acids.

Inventor of the technology Kerry Mullis has said since day 1 the tech/misused.


People test negative

Then they prance around telling everyone how great they are.

They throw it in your pompous asses face.

The test LOL.



How much will they get for fumigating every commercial space.

Sales of China made disinfectant soared 666 thousand million percent.

Every place now reeks of toxic chemical waste.

The bull in a China shoppe found a fantastic way to dispose of the mess he made.



Party like it's the old days when we were a free people.



Earth...if you can handle it.