David Martin has presented an array of information that looks stellar but I have a couple of observations and my opinion.

In the interest of fairness, balance, perspective, and transparency I would like to add my concern that in one of his talks after he ranted on and on about the injections being so destructive to humanity, that may be but he was asked calmly by one of the guests on a podcast what he thinks could explain why many who take the "bioweapon" shot do not get sick. This is a very important point as many are doing just fine with the injections.

He did not seem to have an answer and quickly went into the same almost endless critical rant which did not explain what I would have stated quickly and precisely,

that FDA clearly presented in it's hearings at the very start of the approval for this emergency use authorized product that THERE WOULD BE PLACEBOS USED.

I am finding it hard to understand why if David Martin is so knowledgeable on this subject as he states, going back 21 years of being aware of corruption in developing corona virus vaccines, that he would miss this very fundamental point that is absoultely necessary for all to understand in all discussions about these placebos. Many places now only allow the injected to enter yet many have placebos of salt solution, not the mRNA claimed product.

Many people simply receive placebos of salt water that do no harm to the person what so ever. The public is mostly unaware of this, it's never presented in most TV medias, but any one claiming they are knowledgeable on this matter should easily have been able to explain that. It would have provided some important balance. Did he actually not know that or did he purposely not want to tell us that? Either way it's a gross oversight!

Martin points out that Rand Paul is focused first on fundraising. Paul knows Fauci is a criminal and Martin says Paul has had opportunity to have Fauci arrested and does nothing saying he uses that to ask for donations for his campaigns. That is easy to point the finger but process is much more difficult when dealing with such serious matter of actually watching a Congressman call for such a high public official to be arrested.

The other problem we see pointed out by An0maly in December 2021 is that Rand Paul is calling on Biden for a new vaccine. Vaccines are a complete waste of money and are harmful. There is no virus. It has never been proven to exist. So Paul is pushing this vaccine agenda and that is another part of this whole mess.

Video here of Martin ranting how Rand Paul should have had Fauci arrested the moment he lied about "gain of function".

There are a number of problems with this assertion.

1) such a transaction would have completely set off the entire Democrat party and a lot of their base that is fully ingulfed into the Fauci cult, the blowback would be like what a firefighter encounters in his line of work. Being that this political blowback could be and should be avoided, it is likely that Rand Paul does not do that for that reason as it would make matters worse.

2) baby steps work better when there is such a deeply entrenched system in place.

3) Martin claims Paul is using it to drum up donations, maybe maybe not. It's just not that simple. Again if he was arrested, that throws a huge monkey wrench into what the general public has been brainwashed so strongly to believe in now. Fauci is a master at deceit. He is on par with some of the world's worst dictators in human history.

4) Martin keeps pushing this false notion that there is a virus, no proof of any virus exists. Dr. Andrew Kaufman keeps pointing this out, calmly, logically, thoroughly THAT NO VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST. If we are going to fix this problem we have to all understand this. So arresting Fauci on an assertion of "lying to Congress" that could have wiggle room for various reasons (and Fauci is a slithering snake) it again hyping up the idea that a virus exists and there are so many ways Fauci and friends can use an arrest to their advantage. I believe Fauci knows how to manipulate so well his world audience that he used GOF to further make it appear like viruses exist, that if they "escaped from the lab" they would be Godzillas and "make everyone virus breathing dragons" as a psychological tool whereas that instills so much fear the public makes it's demands as it has for authorities to "fix the problem". This is what happened in the HIV/AIDS mess of the 1980's when Fauci first got his claws and teeth into everything and it has been compounding ever since. Just arresting Fauci would not solve this matter of the world believing and insisting viruses exist it would just make it all worse. It is entirely possible that Rand Paul is well aware of the difficulty we all would face if the exact right time was not picked for such a drastic move. If it wasn't totally clear to the public, medias on Fauci's side will then pull the heartstrings as if they just arrested Ghandi or Mother Theresa or your favorite entertainment personality that fed the homeless.

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