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What does the scientist with an electron microscope see that Hustlers In Virology (HIV) dont?

In the film "House of Numbers" in this extended interview we hear Hans Gelderblom's interpretation of HI viruses using a contrast dye that illuminates what we really should see here the LIKELY/HOOD that these viruses are merely CELLULAR/DEBRIS. He shows the images that are claimed to be HIV and comments closer to the end of the 45 minute interview is where he makes the conclusion that what others see as a killer virus he sees cell debris and mentions he thinks others see what they want to $ee. They are basically looking at DANGEROUS UNICORNS!


So there we have it, the tried and true experts in the field of actual study do not believe the HI virus hype that was shoved in our faces for 40 years now, and since this film with the out of this world exaggerations of the cold and flu virus rebranded as "covid" in order to sell new warped vaccines that do not even provide immunity we see those such as Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman and others like Dr. Sam Bailey explain in detail that viruses have never been proven to exist and since this film Dr. Stefan Lanka proved this assertion in court but hellth departments keep throwing out the memo as it collapses the entire industry

portions of this interview were included in the full theatrical production of "House Of Numbers" a film made in 2012

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