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Dr. Tom Cowan
hear his simple one minute explanation of how to end all this madness

Genome Sequence Claimed to Be SARS-2 is Actually Human and Bacterial in Origin view his presentation 2/18/2022 and in his July 13, 2022 he analysis claims of genomic sequencing that is as brilliant as Einstein's theory of relativity and speaking of relativity the "covid shots" only provide absolute (not relative) risk reduction of .8% or less meaning they provide ZERO

Explains the problem with alleged "rabies virus" 2/8/2022 in this presentation near the end Stefan Lanka mentions you should watch this movie by Anne Sono "I won't Go quietly"


Author of the book "The Contagion Myth" Tom presents what is the only sensical theory about viruses, that they are merely a breakdown of tissues they are not a threat and as I describe, you are not a virus breathing monster. There are no tests for viruses there are only tests for broken down cell materials. He is an author of books on health and virology and offers a great easy to read breakdown of the covid fraud it's a great starting point in understanding why viruses do not exist and we have been had for 70 years. It can help end the covid delusion.  watch his recent presentation   download his booklet   watch his recent video explaining why they told scientists to build a test to find unicorns now used to "find" a corona virus that does not exist has never been proven to exist. He also in his presentation mentions Stephen Lanka who offered $100k reward to prove measles virus exists, German court decided there was no evidence any measles virus exists, no one was able to claim the $100k reward anywhere in the world because it does not exist. View this video 


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