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NASA astro not tells us that they "destroyed the technology to go to the moon" but that technology has been spotted at thrift shops and astronauts when asked said they did not see stars in space from there. How is that even remotely possible? What if we only went to a movie set? learn more

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How is anyone protected from what is rebranded cold and flu with a placebo?
There are also varied
dose amounts in the injections IF you get the genetic modifier product

Placebos and small amounts of the genetic engineering product could easily explain why many are not having any adverse reaction and thus providing the overall appearance of them being safe.

Passport requirements to enter stores and such or attend school or go to work are violating law and are nonsensical.

If the person receives not a placebo but the mRNA genetic manipulator serum in these experiments the dose of that product can vary, it can be 5 μg, 10 μg, 20 μg, 30 μg, and even a WHOPPING 100 μg which is TWENTY TIMES MORE THAN THE SMALLEST AMOUNT GIVEN.

View the "Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals" published by the NIH to see those varying dose amounts.

The "covid-19" mRNA injections are in an EXPERIMENTAL PHASE until at least 2023 and all participants which is the entire human population

FDA hearing in October 2020 prior to the introduction of these rabbit vs hare warp speed injection$ stated clearly that two types of placebos can be unknowingly given to injectees, one is saline salt water the other is meningitis vaccine. We might ask the mad scientists that are using humans as lab rats, "How is a meningitis vaccine that introduces meningitis directly into a healthy body a good thing and how is that a so called placebo when it's known that meningitis vaccines cause adverse reactions?"

So what is clear now is what we have is a medical system that is warped and at too rapid a pace for most people to see what is happening.

Go back 100 years and see a similar problem, doctors overdosed patients with aspirin by 100 times safe doses during the 1919 flu surge that occured after a disasterous war period left a lot of people frazzled, poor, malnourished, homeless. The medical system then decided it was smart to give them massive amounts of aspirin which burns holes in the stomach.

Those excess doses killed many and hellth departments then of course blamed "the virus" just like they all do today, a "virus" that equally was never actually proven to exist.

Many of us also personally witnessed this happen in the HIV/AIDS disaster in the 1990's where they gave huge doses of killer AZT drug. We call that a Holocaust In Virology and a Hustle In Virology (HIV).

visit for some new perspectives and reference to the man who in 2018 proved in court fully and unequivocally that, ARE YOU SITTING DOWN,




Another thing to consider with the mRNA shots, if they are so good at sterilizing and neutralizing a virus that does not exist is it also good at sterilizing and neutralizing blood cells and other things in the body that do exist? Even if they existed which California health department can provide NO PROOF (nor can 190 and counting other official institutions) as freedom of information act requests were responded to with "no evidence of sars-cov-2 virus". How can we have tests and drugs targeting "the virus" when they have no proof it exists? That's as nuts as letting a 2 year old be treated equally and equitably by giving it caustic chemicals so they can feel like daddy fixing the kitchen sink.

There is no test in the world that can find any virus in any biological sample from a human or animal anywhere on the entire planet, they are smoke and mirroring you for profit.

In the 1980's plus 40 years in the never ending "war on aids" Fraudci and Pfriends pushed their killer drugs. I watched my friends die of AZT pushing. Hit Hard Hit Early marketing campaign was the worst. Immediately the good science told us the following (which was drowned out by drug owned corporate medias) who keep pu$hing Fauci's junk science.

"So for one infected cell we are killing thousands of uninfected cells" - Duesberg speaking on the problem with using toxic medications to "kill" viruses


Tony Brown's Journal - he featured Dr. Peter Duesberg on his show in the 1980's where the good scientist from Berkeley warned us of Fauci's lies. In 2022 Robert F. Kennedy of the Children's Health Defense released his book 'The Real Anthony Fauci' that exposes the Hustle In Virology

Jon Rappoport website  - analysis since the 1980's on the fraud of blaming a virus for "AIDS" which is not a new disease, it is a new label for 28 or more old disease conditions given falsely the claim it's all caused by a new virus that too was NEVER PROVEN TO EXIST 

So now it's 2022 and we have 40 years of many calling out the lies of the rotten branch of biology that is JUNK/SCIENCE called virology and 190+ counting institutions admitting in writing that THEY HAVE NO PROOF ANY VIRUS EXISTS