Fear porn producers add nano particles to the script

It's big business to scare people.

Covid-19 which was never a real disease it was a psychological operation which was readily obvious as the operators were everywhere in society wearing surgical masks and the like.

The operation was used to insert new flu vaccine technology into the prevention business model.

Part of the operation included saline injections, Meningitis injections, or the new experimental ribo dino nucleaic acid concoctions.

The claim is they are "nano technology" as if that is something new. It is not.

Nano is a measurement in metric. Nano is one millionth of a meter. Deci is one tenth of a meter. A centimeter is one 100th.

Everything in the viruse free world we live in is comprised of nano particles.

Now that you know this basic fact see if the fear porn on nano particles scares you when you watch this finished script that adds the fear of fake ass spike proteins never proven to exist with dramatic music of course.

fearing dangerous unicorns is absurd and fearing reports are absurd

everything based on virology is just a horror flick used to scare you and sell you souveniers

there are no viruses in this world

have you heard there's tons of fear porn used to manipulate their herd

it's a business model

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