i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . c o m

Buyer beware all of the story telling, a microgram is one millionth of a gram. You can't even see it with your eyes. Maybe you can see 5 micrograms with a magnifier. Is this even possible that such as small thing could have such super powers. I want to see someone out of all involved in every camp of this virology and vaccine side show routine performances both for and against vaccines show me a microgram or two of active ingredient in vaccines. No one EVER talks about this size matter. If you buy vitamins in a bottle the bulk of the pill is FILLER. Same with vaccines. Delivery system. It is like trillions and trillions of more substance than a microgram. Hello Del Bigtree are you listening. Sam Bailey. Tom Cowan. Andrew Kaufman. Anyone. McSpikey. Someone. Show us the size of a microgram one millionth the size of a gram. To also help put this in perspective grab a small box of oatmeal that is one pound. It has 456 grams of substance. Divide that whole box into 456 pieces all measured down one gram place it on the kitchen table all 456 parts. Show us how small 1 millionth of that part is. They won't do this. So maybe I will maybe.

Here's a quarter. It's in the lower right side. Virology might say it's not even there. It usually sees only what it wants to see as the brilliant electron microscope scientist Hans Gelderblom pointed out in the 2012 film House of Numbers.

Above it is 20 grams of oats in a 1/4 cup absolutely smart measuring device. Never needs recharging. Never glitches. Always works as intended. Doesn't send data to mysterious ingriguing places. I divided up that 20 grams into 16 different but equal parts 2 parts are shown. They are different but equal they are different because they are separated thus THE/SCIENCE along the way here points out that even though they all are the same measurement of 1/16th of 20 grams they are different. They measure different. This comes out to 1.25 gram each pile that each is about 2x the size of a quarter. Cut one of those 1/16ths of 20 grams in half that's the size of a quarter and .625 gram. Just under one gram per pile. So lets make it easy and round off to one gram of oats equal the size of a quarter. I counted the grains there. There's 50. Divide one gram by 50 we get .02. This one grain of flattened oats (rolled) is .02 gram. We are trying to see the size of 1,000,000 th of a gram so we have to then multiply by 1,000,000 to get a size ratio. That's 20,000. We have to break apart this one grain of oats into 20,000 tiny pieces to see what 1 microgram is. Getting the picture yet. It will be invisible. Smaller than a floating piece of tiny dust you can only see in a sunbeam. Note the term FLOATING. It doesn't even have the power to stay grounded. Many people are like this when they are petrified by Hustlers In Virology (HIV).

Now let's look at a syringe and compare to this oat grain that weighs in at .02 gram and the junk science they pump into your arm called vaccines in a Bottle (viaB). Look again at the grain of oats. Imagine 1/20,000th of that grain. It wouldn't even fill up inside that short syringe needle. Imagine taking a syringe pointing it in the air pulling back the plunger to suck in a tiny sliver of air that only fills a part of that needle (not the entire plastic syringe) and that might be about how much equals 1/20,000th of a grain of oats and that also gives us an idea of what a 10 microgram dose would be it's not even a drop it's about 1/20,000th of a drop. We are to worry about that, question mark. Seems unlogical. In fact that takes us on another journey, how much are they making from us on a patented product that each dose has such a miniscule amount of active ingredient, I mean like do the math yourself, if they are providing an active ingredient of say 10 micrograms for one dose, If there's 5 or ten micrograms that still wouldn't fill the needle tip. One pound of the primary ingredient then makes 45,600,000 doses/injections. The drug company buys one pound of material of this RNA junk science crap which is probably derived from chemical waste (like how they dispose of flouride and sell it to municipal water) and for that mere one pound of material they probably have you pay for to pick up that one pound of chemical waste make 45,600,000 vaccines. Now that is one hell of a business model. Problem #1 is what are they using it for? They claim there's a new virus in town they need to round up and hang as it's a dangerous criminal. There is no virus. There's only dust. They fool the towns people with stories. No one rounds up anything though there is a poison called Round Up which rounds up your cash also.


The plastic syringe is mostly filled with delivery materials such as polymer liquids, anti freeze, water. They really are only there to inject the active materials like these new what ever the hell is mRNA nonsense of dust so small you can barely see it. Many people waited in long lines in parking lots to merely receive modified dust and many received placebos merely of salt water in this grand experiment where people were duped into believing that being injected with what was in many cases just a placebo would protect them from someone breathing on them in a building afraid the air was a danger everywhere they went. It was all hustle. They want to manage your air. That's another part of the scam. It's all about money. Follow it. Really now think about this, shutting down businesses, distancing, all the madness with the fix being a grain of salt added to an already salty body or something 1000x smaller labeled new and improved by warp speed hustle. ROFL. It was quite a time in history. Too bad the people mostly thought they had to participate in the governing fraud. Fortunately for humanity they finally figured out the hustle and never took any vaccine ever again nor raped their beloved furry friends with this junk science ever again.

OAT ant quarter

We dertimined that the oat grain that is flattened has 20,000 micrograms so each is about the size of a granule of powder so small it's mostly invisible. Look at the ant there he also was flattened. I don't use poison to kill them I just pound them with a hammer really hard like the modern A medi SIN industry did with my friends in their HIT HARD HIT EARLY with AZT rat poison campaign of the 1990's which flattened them. When I kill ants this way it usually ruins the kitchen so every week or two it's off to the hardware store to get supplies to rebuild the counters and floors. Modern A medi SIN does not provide building materials it only offers hammers.

So my question to these hammer people in modern A medi SIN is where is their junk science showing what goes on in that pea brain of that ant. They have none. If they can't present that powder brain microgram size of the science of ants why would anyone trust they know what goes on inside the grain of powder at 1 micron in size ribonucleac acid modified with a hammer that they absurdely laughingly claim knows how to reprogram our bodies "immune" system. If you haven't after this figured out that they are Hustlers In Virology (HIV) what else can I say. Everything they say is story telling made up nonsense.

i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . c o m