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We live in a world FREE OF VIRUSES

We don't live in a world free of drama though. Dr. Tom Cowan explains

Viruses have no physical form, if you question my authority on this then please present an isolated virus in physical form to our lab for review, no one in the world has been able to do this ever.

Viruses do not exist. If they are not in physical form they do not exist. They are dangerous unicorns. They are a movie script idea. They are in the imagination. They are not real. The world is real. We do not live in a world of viruses. They only exist as novels.

Claims of virus existence have all been refuted!

German scientist Dr. Stefan Lanka fully and unequivocally proved virology is science fiction also known as a NOVEL/VIRUS. Why do HELLth departments keep throwing out the memo?
learn more about his evidence here

There is no virus!
full documentation by Christine Massey a biostatistician who's whistle blowing the fact that the world's health and science institutions cannot provide proper documentation of ongoing claims of any virus been proven to exist by proper scientific method.

notarized declaration by Christine here stating clearly that virology is pseudoscience and no entity has proven virus existence as based on their very own responses to FOIA requests.

The problem with hunting viruses is the science never has proven their absoulte existence. It's like they are hunting aliens from Mars or Uranus without proving they exist, insisting they do exist, and pushing you into prevention methods that include building underground shelters for when they attack, that is exactly the absurdity and the junk science they are using, it's science fiction, that is why they call the latest round of circular reasoning that gets us nowhere and spinning in coronas NOVELS. They are telling us stories.

Tom Cowan helps clear this cyst in virology where these beliefs in dangerous unicorns is why when we dig into these obvious conclusions that modern Medi Sin is a prescription filled by pHarma cysts we are led in a better direction for wellness.

Freedom Of Information Act request responses reveal that health/science institutions around the world, 220 and counting, cannot provide any record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification to prove it exists, nor that of any virus anywhere in the world to prove existence having ever been done in 100+ years of virology. This includes California's health department and the US Health & Human Services.

CDC even published data in 2020 that a "novel corona virus" has NOT been proven to exist! What on Earth is going on?
watch video explaning this from October 10, 2020!

Virology is JUNK/SCIENCE watch video explaining this here

Internet Matter

Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in court in Germany that viruses do not exist read the interview and watch Dr. Lanka explain why no virus exists including measles rabies all alleged "viruses" and ask your doctor why do hellth departments keep throwing out this memo? The case was so thorough in reality it fundamentally destroys the entire foundation of all "virus causation" claims and nullified all legal basis for vaccine mandates.

People are not virus breathing dragons and all head diapering to prevent what does not exist are absurd.


Question: If Lanka won that case in German court why hasn't he or anyone won that argument in United States courts?

Answer: US courts when it comes to the study of dangerous unicorns is much more lenient in it's allowing claims to be made with out absolute proof and there is other rules set up in part based on government rules set up regarding "preparedness and readyness" for fake pandemics.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA), passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by President of the United States George W. Bush in December 2005 (as part of Pub. L.Tooltip Public Law (United States) 109148 (text) (PDF)), is a controversial tort liability shield intended to protect vaccine manufacturers from financial risk in the event of a declared public health emergency.


IT PROTECTS DRUG COMPANIES NOT THE PUBLIC. This all started during AIDS/DAZE when in 1986 Reagan under pressure from hyper pro overactivists that demanded experimental drugs, forced congress to remove liability to drug companies as a product would harm people, these companies now are who gets immune, no human is from their products. The courts now accept "viruses relatively exist" claims of what cannot be proven in this Dangerous Unicorn Hunting Regime (DUHR) based on the false concept that there can be a public health threat declared without absoulte proof and that it "requires intervention" and without such everyone will die so they need to save us, even though that is entirely false and thus it's a pretty sick system that allows opportunists to keep milking the public as they see us as cash cows. Germany is much more siding with the need for absolute proof by those claiming "there's a virus" which no one on the planet has ever actually absolutely proven anywhere, it's all just claims, like the traveling snake oil salesman selling the magic elixer, so in Lanka's case those claiming viruses exist could not provide the aboslute evidence the court in Germany required and Lanka was able to absolutely prove that viruses do not exist so of course won his case.

Their science has never proven any virus exists. read this simple explanation

What would your world be like if viruses do not exist?

Lee Merritt listens to Dr. Tom Cowan offer a simple yet powerful explanation on why viruses simply do not exist. watch

Cowan and Merritt discuss why viruses do not exist

"Why is there not a single published paper showing the direct binding of any pathogenic virus directly in the fluid of any sick plant animal or human being not once"


Internet Matter

Today's Date and weather and map of fires worldwide and US power outage maps


So you say you caught Kovid?
Kovid first appeared on Project Runway wearing a mask! In 2019! Did he fall off the runway and you caught him?

WATCH THE DEBUT OF KOVID HERE where it all started in March 2019. What a coincidence! One whole year prior to declaration of official mandated panic. And the first or 2nd person to "die" of Kovid-19 was William Shakespeare. Getting it yet? The world's their stage, they are playing you! Actually more like it's become an orchestrated pit.

In October 2019 Frank Faucistein of United States National Institutes of HELLth, Michael Specter of The New Yorker magazine, and Rick Bright of "it's all about us not them" HELLth and Human Services were discussing how to con the public into taking RNA manipulation stabbing with poisons and placebos they call "vaccines" and Michael said about the hurdles in doing so "Why don't we blow the system up" and thus the fraud of corona mania took hold. That was their plan to get the public conned into accepting experimental injections of who knows what the fuck is in those things, maybe China's manufacturing chemical waste.

Internet Matter

learn more and hear them discuss this at the Milk'n You Institute

Watch how the big pHARMa company Bayer CEO is calmly and collectedly perfectly happy to mess with and manipulate with your alleged genetic code which he even states to his audience that before the Kovid-19 fashionable oxygen deprivation fashion sense you would never have accepted injections of genetic engineering. Technically speaking though as much as we'd like to think what they all tell us is true as it's all we ever hear, there's actually no absolute evidence their lucrative product actually manipulate RNA, it's more marketing trickery to keep your heads spinning.

 "covid-19" is Med-I-Sin marketing fraud the conspiracy analysts were correct!

 study ViroLIEgy here

the universal scam of "covid" was about a "universal flu vaccine"

Dr. Mark Bailey authored a fantastic report covering this topic

The alleged covid-19 alleged genetic engineering vaccine* injection stimulant absolutely provides ZERO to < .8% absolute risk reduction not 95%

learn why

The experimental & unlicensed injections may also just have been salt water as a PLACEBO!!!!!!!! Passports are a big fat lie! Many will be allowed inside who are not "protected" even this <1% and mRNA dosage amounts vary from 5 to 100 micrograms. It is an experiment using the human population as romaing lab rats.

What is CORONA?

in 2020 hindsight we see the world was set up to be duped see the 15 minute film defining the many coronas and really start making SENSE OF IT ALL that includes a rare view inside FDA committee meeting from October 2020 condensed at warp speed so it safely and effectively entertains you with their usual song and dance, additionally there's host of warp free RAP tunes from Madvillain and a not so shocking conclusion.


No one has to take any vaccine

We are all exempt just stake your claim. Even your pets are exempt. The whole thing is a fraud. If they can't prove any virus actually exists as described as anything more than a dangerous unicorn the entire house of sand crumbles and is washed out to sea. Vaccines are a lie. The basis for this medical rape is a lie. There are laws that protect everyone from rape with pHARMaceuticals. No governing body has any right to force any such medical procedure on you nor does any business.

Some good resources on vaccine freedom from pricks can be found here.


PAN de Moneyium

PAN the vintage god of mischief and debauchery. Rulers of this world 2,020 years after Jesus dick skin, a huge section of it, was brutally hacked off as a new born Savior, celebrated by Christians every New Years Day introduced PAN as our new god. They call his actions a PAN demic. These cult leaders tell you in order to get your life back you need to be raped. Arms tell the brain "this aint right" the rapists don't care. Yea this is about the extent of their mischief and debauchery played on the world as if they are GOD & SATAN both of which if the internet may remind you are imaginary constructs.

Why did man not notice the moon from the moon?

Some of the travelers there also said they did not remember seeing stars! Obviously they never went there. WATCH Apollo 11.666 press conference at 36 min start of audience questions. One of them stated being "spellbound" for 2 and 1/2 hours and yet didn't see stars. Spellbound by what?

Not seeing stars in space is like traveling to the forest to go camping and saying "I don't remember seeing trees".

Proper science would start questioning why this response was as such. It would ask if being spellbound was this because of witchcraft instead of space craft? It's mentioned in the presser they were going around the moon, in more recent times public officials including former president Obama stated we can't leave Earth's orbit. Obviously the whole thing is a fraud. More proof of that is heard by one of the astronaut actors who says that the moon had sunrise and sunset.

Seeing stars? The middle dude says he could only see the stars using the [special] optics. The one furthest away from us says "I don't remember seeing any". They were never on the moon. They were on the movie set.

Jump to 46 min to hear this part. They had a hard time answering what is the meaning of the first man being on another planet. Here's another presentation of the same conference. In this one the part where the astronaut says "the sun disappears" which is hysterically laughable is heard about the 57 min mark. WATCH

China also went to movie space and proved how easily it is to forget to pack the fish eye curved lens when heating to the studio and trying to meet press deadlines. watch

Here's where SARS-cov-2 leaked from the lab......a computer printout. There is no virus.

Scary costumes! listen in


this next image appears in Dr. Mark Bailey's "The End Of Virology" paper on page 64

it is the latest computer they use to fool us, there is no virus in this computer that they are measuring any more than there is one in your computer
in silico science of virology is fakeology

We could think of this machine as a mRNA operating system, not Windows or Apple or Linux. It's programmed the way they want it to spit out data and it guarantees an endless supply of new pretend variants as modeled by this machine. There is no virus in there it's basically just a calculator based on an mRNA operating system that does not work if you program it with logic and ABSOLUTE proven science. It's all illusions and CGI, it makes an impression when they have something they can point to and then the audience goes "ooooooo" and "ahhhhhh" and then they shove things down your throat and rob you. Need any proof of that, look at your bills they send you and your insurance company and state and federal governing and hellth systems that oddly keep throwing out that memo from Dr. Stefan Lanka who proved in German Court virsues are non existent threats. When you listen to "experts" like Peter McCullough and Malone notice when they say "in silico" that means it's a computer model, not real, never proven to exist any more than a sleasy used car salesman tells you the car runs like a dream. McCullough did this in fancy dancy important government committee on "covid" here in this video. He's a fast talker like some of those salesmen in the junkyard of cars. Everything in virology is a hustle. Whenever anyone says "the virus caused" regarding any strain they make up in their pitches, ask for absolute proof. Don't wait for more than a minute as it does not exist. Virus hunting is a religious cult and a multi level medical marketing sham.


It's like believing the ping pong ball on the TV screen is real.

Click on the image of the real yet fake BALL in the old 70's IN SILICO game of pong to view the presentation.

If you are afraid of viruses you are also afraid of being hit in the head by this ball and reality as everything virus is fake imagery like on a TV screen.

Testing for what is only a simulation is absurd, none of the tests find any specific anything. In the film Dr. McCullough spoke in the committee hearing "in silico" read about "in silico" here so even he is aware of this yet he remains lost in this wonderland of endless research with mountains of funding using your money like most. "In silico" is a computer construct, it's like a video game none of it is real, no one gets hurt, there are no alien cell space invaders of anything of substance, it's all just a game to entertain and keep you busy except it's also got your debit card. 


Top questions regarding medical rape that everyone should be asking and not putting up with
  1) How many of the "covid" EXPERIMENTAL shots are actually PLACEBOS? proof of placebos used here here
  2) What if 95% or more of them are placebos? Why can't we get this data?
  3) How do placebos justify denying entry, travel, and jobs when PLACEBOS do not protect anyone?
  4) Why are government leaders receiving royalties? Why is that not conflict of interest when that is exactly what that is?
  5) "Comirnaty" the licensed vaccine is NOT/AVAILABLE as to do so would subject the company to liability claims it will NEVER be available.
  6) All of the shots are experimental and changing ones genetic makeup unlike an old fashioned vaccine.
  7) Why is the public not being told that viruses do not exist, this was even proven in German court in 2018 (see further down Dr. Stefan Lanka)
  8) Why does the American legal system
have such a low standard of evidence in allegedly proving existence of viruses?

These are not conspiracy theories most of this is absolute proven science and some of it is scheme theory.

Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the China shoppe

There's a lot of banter back and forth and not one of these people in the public eye are pointing out the biggest cause of health problems, CHEMICALS. They are gassing us everywhere. Dangerous fumigation of stores, restaurants, businesses everywhere dumping massive quantities of these disinfectants into the lungs. People working in these fumigated spaces for the whole day. Then CDC, doctors, or the public either blames the virus or the vaccines when they get sick with either breathing issues or heart problems. We had this same problem with DDT when it was told to be a CHEMICAL that was safe and they visibly fumigated clouds of this chemical on our kids in swimming pools and school lunch rooms and when they got sick it was always a "virus" not the chemical. We are being poisoned to death slowly.

Watch the presentation by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
at the Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Conference October 2020
where he points out the problem with using these strong cleaners callled Quats (quatrinary ammonium cations)

"spermicidal jellies also contain quaternary ammonium salts. Quats are also used in contraception formulations, veterinary products, diagnostic testing, vaccine production, and nasal formulations"

They are soluble in water thus also these fumes as they escape into the atmosphere are polluting our water supplies. These dangerous chemicals are now appearing in disinfectants everywhere and are hyper proobsessively being used ot "kill viruses" which have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST AND IN FACT BEEN PROVEN TO DIDEXIST. We see reference to this ongoing lie about "killing viruses" everywhere yet CDC and all the world's horses and all the queen who divorced the king's men say it's never been isolated thus they have no proof yet we keep seeing this lie promoted everywhere. QUATS are dangerous chemicals. They burn lungs and have not been studied for their safety. Apparently we are being GASSED. Look no further to see what the latest mystery cause of death is than all around you. The virus pushers always invent new FAKE viruses to blame CHEMICAL POISONING.

Despite their prevalent use few studies? Good for weight loss? Well sure when you kill "viruses", bacteria, fungus, and BLOOD CELLS especially those lining your lungs you lose weight. The United States Geological Survey has a page about quaternary faults. Virology is loaded with faults. It has a list of fault and hazard maps. We should make political fault and medical chemical pushing hazard maps. Rosamond in California has quaternary faults at the San Andreas fault and we should ask who's fault it is that yet another useless wind farm is being plopped there on these wide open vast desert vistas as it wasn't more than just 3 years ato that the state said it was not going to build any more GREED certified projects in these desert areas, or was that they would just "protect the joshua trees" yea that's it. As stated in the Keyhole Wind project the preliminary soil and geology evaluation that uses mostly absolute science and not crappy virological junk science of Einstein's theory of RELATIVITY it says a northeast trending anticline is mapped along the southern site perimeter and an undifferentiated quaternary fault is mapped along the location axis of the anticline.

take a peek through the key hole of KeyHole wind project's dusty location north of Los Angeles

Already there is a wind farm next door

and solar farms that also are net losses of energy

Horsepower.net has extensive data on these monsterous planet wrecking projects including two new ones at Arizona's pristine Little Grand Canyon that are devouring 200+ square MILES of open ranchlands amongst a checkerboard of Indian lands and they are in on it! Visit the page for the Chevelon Canyon whopper of a chaotic energy project that will consume 49 square miles filled with 150+ turbines

Stephan Lanka explains misinterpretation of data that blames a "virus" for disease part 1 part 2

This is important, because these findings and the knowledge on how they relate to each other free us from fear as well as from the fear inducing good versus evil mentality and what is even more important: the sick-making behavioural patterns derived from it.

What is corona virus? Common cold and flu.

99.666% of the world's population never even bothered to pick up The American Medical Association reference encyclopedia which says it's the common cold so why all the fuss and muss? It's a medical marketing scam to sell new flu shots. They tell us to get injected with an experimental product the Branch Covidians mantra as being "safe and effective" as seen on TV like other garbage sugar and drug pushing products yet when we look deeper we find their claims of it being 95% effective is merely .8% which is 118.75 times less effective than they have calimed! They trick you with their own data! Relative Risk Reduction 95% compared to Absolute Risk Reduction of 1% take two minutes to learn about it at warp speed here

Head diapers do not stop not a single virus & THE ILLUSIONS do not even exist in the air anyway, if they are there show us the test for them in the air, there is none
Testing only finds biological soup no specific virus they keep lying as they have for the last 40 years about PCR and rapid tests

The latest on OMICRON which is MORONIC spelled sideways in this new world built as an upside down pyramid

Of course viruses are merely dangerous unicorns anyway by all measure of reality as computers print out data to make claims of virus existence, not absolute measure in any lab. If viruses were real and they varied as claimed it would be like upending snow removal procedures because declarations were made that a snow emergency existed because of a varied snow flake which science has more ABSOLUTELY determined that every snowflake is varied yet the same.

Canadian governing officials have a ROYAL conflict of interest by Dr. David Martin on 2/11/2022
They own patents and receive "royalty" on every injection world wide no wonder they keep pushing it so hard!!!
Fun video shows JT's ship has sunk but with all the ROYALTIES why would he care he and his ROYAL friends will by more.
EU Parliment calls out the Canadian government's misdeeds.

Is the world merely being attacked by dangerous unicorns?

Viruses are imaginary creatures made in a lab on a computer

Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains how viruses are merely a computer model watch

They have never been PHYSICALLY proven to exist like you can prove your car exists or your home exists. They are "real" like ghosts you saw on TV or ghosts you see at The Magic Castle or in video game screen but not real in reality. They are as real as the ping pong ball in the 1970's electronic game "Pong". Presenting viruses as threats to health is like presenting to real people playing PONG on a tennis court sitting there with their device in hand to "be careful as the ball could be hit too hard and get lost and thus end the game". Virology is fake.

The closest thing to reality is explaining the disingenuous term "viruses" as cell debris or just random particles of matter, just as the world's finest in electron microscopy stated Hans Gelderblom pointed out in extended interview "House of Numbers" documentary 2012 when asked questions in regards to the equally fictitious HI virus.

In 2018 Dr. Stefan Lanka in Germany proved IN COURT that the alleged measles virus does not exist (see below click on the star here).

His court case nullifies the foundations of all vaccine mandates as they have no basis in law without proof of their existence and this applies to all claims of virus causation of disease, it's all been based on lies and assertions, not evidence. There are many who can also explain. What viruses are NOT is killers. We are not virus breathing monsters either. On this page you will find the best and brightest and most balanced people who can explain the truth about the Hustle In Virology (HIV) that has been going on for 100 years. Learn and share so that we can restore sanity and normalcy to our world. Believing in viruses is like a religion that believes in God and The Devil where the scientist and it's poisons are God and The Devil is anyone that questions and refutes the sermon. Believing in viruses is like hearing the story told about "War of the Worlds" and running away in fear, they are both representations of novels, fiction, story telling. No virus has ever been proven to exist as commonly described.

When they "physically" attempt to prove existence of any alleged virus they use a method called culturing. This is a biological soup blended and mixed with bizarre ingredients such as cow puss extracted from ground up baby cow fetuses, that kills cells, deforms particulates in the soup mix, and they claim they look at what's there and "find" a new variant as such. This is theater. There is no proof provided of any particular virus it's a big mess. This method is like you being in the kitchen and claiming there are real strawberries in a smoothie when there is only strawberry flavoring and red dye from beets. Virology is JUNK/SCIENCE used purely to sell drugs and funding for research.

What do some of the best and brightest say about this rebranded cold and flu mania?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

He speaks with the Corona Investigative Committee here February 2022 regarding REFUTING long standing THEORIES on viruses highlighting the point that he does not have a theory that the longstanding theory on virus causation is invalid, he is completely REFUTING the alleged cause theory.

Kaufman presents forensic analysis of fundamental structures of virology exposes the lies that have been presented by others. He brilliantly shows how viruses are exosomes not infectious critters, instead presenting with such unwavering logic how science already proved that what is called a virus is merely an element of what the body creates to remove toxins. We have been misled by those who have a vested interested in creating fear unnecessarily. He explains that viruses are a computer model. They simply do not exist anywhere else other than on a computer screen or in memory or hard drive as they are not proven to exist in the physical world by proper measure using only smoke and mirrors to get you to believe they exist (to sell you stuff you don't need).

speaks with Gemma O'Doherty

his official website and other videos

view his many presentations here

Dr. Tom Cowan dedicated page here
hear his simple one minute explanation of how to end all this madness

Genome Sequence Claimed to Be SARS-2 is Actually Human and Bacterial in Origin view his presentation 2/18/2022 and in his July 13, 2022 he analysis claims of genomic sequencing that is as brilliant as Einstein's theory of relativity and speaking of relativity the "covid shots" only provide absolute (not relative) risk reduction of .8% or less meaning they provide ZERO

Explains the problem with alleged "rabies virus" 2/8/2022 in this presentation near the end Stefan Lanka mentions you should watch this movie by Anne Sono "I won't Go quietly"


Author of the book "The Contagion Myth" Tom presents what is the only sensical theory about viruses, that they are merely a breakdown of tissues they are not a threat and as I describe, you are not a virus breathing monster. There are no tests for viruses there are only tests for broken down cell materials. He is an author of books on health and virology and offers a great easy to read breakdown of the covid fraud it's a great starting point in understanding why viruses do not exist and we have been had for 70 years. It can help end the covid delusion.  watch his recent presentation   download his booklet   watch his recent video explaining why they told scientists to build a test to find unicorns now used to "find" a corona virus that does not exist has never been proven to exist. He also in his presentation mentions Stephen Lanka who offered $100k reward to prove measles virus exists, German court decided there was no evidence any measles virus exists, no one was able to claim the $100k reward anywhere in the world because it does not exist. View this video 

 Dr. Sam Bailey

Dr. Sam BaileyDr. Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues.

She is a co-author of the book "Virus Mania."

She also calls out the lie that asserts without evidence of any virus proven to exist in any physical form what so ever and has many presentations that are very easy to hear, understand, and enjoyable. In this video she speaks about how research is PLAGUED with secrecy, vagueness, deceit thus creating outcomes that are unreliable and should never be built upon as they use fear to push their cult tactics on people for profits and powers. The medical system is a dangerous cult.

read her official website about page and link to her materials here

Dr. Stefan Lanka
watch him here

In 2018 he proved in German court the measles virus does not exist. If indeed it does not exist what is the basis for California and many other places mandating the measles vaccine? There is NONE, well, except or that pesky little annoyance called greed and quest to fill portfolio$ with your money. The court case proved there is no basis in law to mandate the vaccine. This applies to every other vaccine as they are all based on illusions and assertions, not absolute fact AND EXPLAINS the push at warp speed to introduce new technology using mRNA as all vaccines are based on the imaginary belief in viruses. No virus has ever been isolated to prove existence, all they ever see in a microscope is biological sludge. They use computers to model, make things up as they go. It's the biggest hustle on the planet. Virology always presents as solution to inject people with chemical concoctions is financial based smoke, mirrors, elaborate dog and pony shows based on LIE$. Dr. Stefan Lanka is in the small group of the finest scientist of all scientists in the entire world, a great human being. His works should be fundamental to all study in virological thought leading us on better pathways to health and the human condition. Measles was on the decline in the 1960's not due to vaccines it was due to environmental changes that can include changes in toxin exposures. The entire virus blame game has been proven to be wrong.


Measles virus proven to not exist in court case 2018 by Dr. Stefan Lanka in German Supreme Court PROVEN the measles virus does not exist, DOES NOT EXIST thus NO LAW CAN STAND that mandates this vaccine and all others as the entire virus causation construct is a fraud.

one of his presentations is found here

STOP testing! Testing is a fraud, the very inventor of the PCR test stated Fauci is a fraud and the test is being misinterpreted and cannot provide anything of value for diagnosis of any disease, it is not meant for that. If you want your life back you dont' need an experimental penetration as sold to you by a habitual lying TONY/F and his NIH and CDC that contradict constantly and basically work for the drug pusher$

Canada legal group called the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms points out how the CDC is manipulating the public and has been for decades, saying:

CDC just updated the definitions of immunity and vaccine on September 1, 2021 - swapping out the prior 'produce immunity' to 'provide protection'   full letter can be viewed here

The CORRUPT/CDC change of definition could be compared to a manufacturer of a fire fighting hose telling you that his fire hose that uses water will not put out a fire anymore, it will only attempt to, it offers protection and the corrupt Los Angeles city council telling everyone in Los Angeles that they all need to have a fire hose and fire department employee in their home "to be protected". In reality of course there are many other factors and no fire house puts out any fire, only water does, so it's a legal definition change and important to understand this concept, it is basically an admission by CDC that vaccines NEVER PROVIDED IMMUNITY, the body is the only way to immunity, thought that word 'immunity' is a misleading construct as the body is in constant process, there really is no such thing as being immune. CDC used the term "immunization" for decades improperly to mislead and sales pitch. Vaccines are only a tool made of chemicals, synthetic formulas like nylon, not as good as natural blends, and there are too many other factors (which are often ignored). This should lead us to seriously question everything ever told to the public about viruses. For the last 100 years we have been told they provide immunity, it was obviously a lie. Many have long ago and more recently concluded that VIRUSES do not even exist, rather they are part of the body's cleansing processes, mislabled by those focused on the virus hunting sport and it's massive profits, they have been interpreted as being cellular debris by the world's finest electron microscope scientists such as Hans Gelderblom who stated that what they claimed was HIV was cell dirt, not monsters (better labeled fraud). In quest for study and sharing these truths I bring you some of these bright stars on the internet for your consideration of study in this brave new world THAT MAKES SENSE, bright stars online we can actually see, not like those that astronauts that "went to the moon" claim they could not see stars when they were supposedly in an environment that had no atmosphere thus all stars should have been clearly visible. I hope my writings and references make it clear to you how we have been lied to about so many things and how to spot these lies and adjust accordingly.

David Crowe "The Infectious Myth" The late David Crowe
If you still think viruses exist you need to start here.' David was a hero, a few months before he passed in July 2020 he and Virstyne Henry spoke about the corona fraud though YouTube has since deleted that as it does not match CDC Horseshit In Virology protocols. He also interviewed early on in the CoViD fraud with Tom Cowan as noted above who has some of the finest explanations of this fiasco in pandemicology, this discussion with Cowan is archived here. He also tackled the Ebola fraud and the cold, flu, pneumonia virus renamed in 2020 as SARS/CORONA scare mongering viruses in the new novel authored by America's finger down your throat mister Fauci who is constantly lying. David also was head of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS association which exposed the many lies that Fauci and friends has for decades injected into so many people. David also has presented facts on HIV which like SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated to prove it was real. This is the same problem with the "novel" fiction coronavirus claimed to be a specific thing, no isolation. For some this may be hard or impossible to believe but these realities have been presented to the public for decades.  He also wrote on why he believes 5G is not the cause of any disease condition and he called out the covid fraud right at the start! David's website was TheInfectiousMyth.com but since his passing it is no longer up.

It is ARCHIVED here though and some of his work is also translated in Spanish language.

Peggy Hall "The Healthy American"
Peggy Hall at The Healthy AmericanShe has been speaking on the ways to protect yourself from the lies. Has many presentations on how to beat the absurd dictates that are not based on law but rather on bad science. She spoke recently with the Human Resources department of Kaiser and pointed out how people can work the religious exemption properly for those employed there. Peggy filed lawsuit on the Board of Supervisors of Orange County California for their "not following the law" when it came to repeated declarations of fake emergency when it's clear there was none, and not even notifying the public, emergencies that have been declared ongoing taking people's freedom and rights from them or threatens that based on lies that an invisible monster might be lurking the air when not even the California Department of PublicHELLth can show any absolute proof any virus exists. She is a bright light, logical, efficient in her explanations of the "covid" debaucle and how to protect yourself from the madness.


listen to her recent February 2023 presentation about the WHO and the fear that they are "stealing our soverignty"

Her writings on Sub Stack

update June 14, 2023 she went to war with Del Bigtree  on his "vaccine confidence bill" and lost the war in an instant, will she keep fighting LOL probably watch his show dated June 13, 2024 "The Act Of War" and her lame rebuttal where she just did not get it amazingly here she says she excells in critical thinking skills and stands by her analysis but really missed the boat on this one as she appears to be waiting for a plane and missed the boat on DEW and on fires in Maui when she invited an arborist who was making things up like a little kid. Her followers left comments. I found only 3 pointing out how Del was and is on target in this particular war. Most were trashing Del like she did. He explains his strategy clearly in episode 374 and Peggy did not understand or she's just playing games or too stuck in ego and that sand trap we can fall in of not admitting mistakes especially such bad ones. I had to re-evaluate my rating above dropping it to C+ from A++++. We all learn as we go. Keep learning Peggy. Del Bigtree won his lawsuits. You have given up. You won't even appeal your loss. Why. You have a good case. Instead you battle within the troops. Del's work with Aron Siri even had Mississippi vaccine mandates all overturned recently. Instead of fighting with a proven warrior who wins maybe instead get on your knees and beg for forgiveness which his response will probably like Jesus saying you are forgiven here let's all work on this together. I am going to guess you will not. Take the log out before looking for specks.

The Highwire with Del Bigtree
Del Bigtree
Health matters discussed more recently on the CoViD fraud Del produced the TV series "The Doctors" now stars in his own show without the restrictions of being governed by the Medical Dictatorships (MD) that have their be$t intere$t$ in mind. Lately he's been focused too much on the conspiracy that's been buzzing that 'it escaped from the lab', I think what escaped from the lab was story telling, nothing more THE/VIRUS is a novel, a work of fiction. Del seems to be stuck on the virus mutation theory claiming new threat, much like the drama we saw in most modern medias so this is disappointing. He also was sick with something this year 2021 around May and flew off to Mexico for some treatment. Nice to have all that money to do that from donations and be well enough to get on a private jet. That highlights there is a serious problem with American "health" care and treatment of which the foundational base of this problem is legal wranglings. Del has some fantastic guests, insight, analysis, and he too is one who actually will make his voice heard at official FDA hearings and such with public comment so he is one of those who is getting a lot done. I give him a rating of B+ but such simple ratings are flawed as his THE ART OF WAR episode 374 was a big big winner! He's very talented and has that element of shrewd that is necessary in winning wars and he's proven himself and his crew to be winning and putting the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) back in their cages.


Kevin P. Corbett
Dr. Kevin P. Corbett is well accredited with a doctorate and was there in the AIDS crisis when others shunned
He is a registered nurse with doctorate degree where in the 1980's HI virus panic like today's he was one of the few who was there helping the first AIDS patients up close, touching them, not afraid of catching it, and has observed similar problems with the latest crisis in viral misunderstandings on health and disease. We do not catch diseases flying in the air.

view his precise take down of the virus fraud 

there is no isolate of virus just a computer model as basis for PCR test whereas the inventor of said test Kary Mullis stated decades ago it cannot find a specific virus

view his art, credentials, coronahysteria page, and artwork

health officials knew there would be a lot of adverse reactions to any injection protocol look at the warning

here Kevin speaks at a rally  in Glasgow England 9/18/2021

Sean Ward, Sonia Poulton, Mark Bailey 4/7/2023 discussing realization by the public that there never was any virus there was only more medical pharmaceutical con game$$$ "If viruses existed, based on the claims, we'd all be dead"

Recent video he comments on Ben Shapiro's claim that he realizes now that government lied about vaccines acting as if it's a surprise.

Here he goes off on vack scene salesman Trump. He is routinely calling out lies everywhere tackling the corona fake crisis totalitarianism environment he's high energy and quite the talker and one of the rare folk who actually go to public meetings and make their opinions known where it counts. His free speaking to the public officials helped stop the insane restrictions. He pointed out recently that the Ununited States press secretary Jen who keeps going in circles keeps lying about THE/VAX. Jen as press secretary publicly claims it's 'approved by FDA' like all of the lying politicians and presidents and formers that keep pushing it on the public. IT IS NOT APPROVED BY FDA AND NOT LICENSED - it is an experiment using humans as lab rats and using unproven alleged genetic manipulation that could be dangerous, and in being a test trial contains placebos, and drug amounts in varying doses, we might note that those businesses or employers who would ban the 'unvaccinated' from venues or employ are allowing many in who are "vaccinated" who merely have placebos. The COVID/SCAM IS being used in a fake emergency declared by fake liars everywhere who fake injections on themselves for real profits.

Buy his hat! GodBlessHats.com. Watch his podcasts on BitChute

Dr. Bryan Ardis
interview exposing Fauci's lies and "murderous" treatments

update on Ardis 4/19/2022 he's pushing some bizarre "snake venom in the water" theory which is doing just what Fauci and all the fraudsters and cultists do, take small pieces of truth and mix it all up into a new brew for you to swallow, hyping it all up for attention. He may be doing what all marketeers do though in bringing attention to a matter, such as that pFauci is a snake and that vaccines are venomous. In an interview some time later with Cowan & Kaufman they pointed out their concern with his theory on that and commended him highly on his quick discovery on the medical poisoning regime implemented in hospitals using Fauci's other killer poison drug called Remdesivir. The other killer poison drug of Fauci's was AZT fed my gay friends that of course killed them. Many doctors and scientists pointed out that horror in the 1990's. Ardis should receive an Beyond Just Nobel Prize of some sort on some of his valid points made. In March 2023 he pointed out 11 million gays died in the AZT venom poisoning HOLOCAUST of the 1990's. I think that's about 10x the real number. He's always hustling his expensive nutrition products. Lost my interest after seeing that hustle element as I just had to conclude that it wasn't worth my time.

The Dr. Ardis Show may be of interest. Caveat emptor. Part of the "freedom community" that's all hustling something and making big money doing it. Not sure I want to keep a reference here but for now you decide if it's helpful or not.

Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity
Ron Paul
Ron Paul's son is Rand Paul who is Kentucky senator who calls out Fraudci regularly though he needs to go a step further and bash the vaccine industry entirely, Ron's weekdaily podcast is based on a perspective of liberty and human rights are the basis for everything and when politicians rape those liberties as was done with the virus hunting insanity more harm is caused. Rand Paul is now calling for criminal investigation on Fauci. Problem with Ron though is he's a fundamentalist Christian and with the issue of trans-gender being in full view of everyone he along with others like David Knight and Matt Walsh do not put the same fervor they do against trans-gender mutilation on the matter of cirumcision. It is a hard thing for men to face that torture that was done to them at birth so they focus on the things that they are more comfortable with.


David Knight
The David Knight Show is on daily in the mornings 5 days a week
The David Knight Show homepage  watch live M-F 9am eastern

He gets 5 stars for integrity in numerous core issues on liberty and a negative 10 stars on matters revolving around sexual expression as he is always whining about freedoms being removed yet trashes the go homo community and the freedom of expressing aborting fetuses disingenuously calling them babies. He has covered daily in depth the congame-19 medical marketing fraud and shut down scam and who the players are. In one episode he mentions "Australia - the government threatened people with massive fines for the FRAUDULENT CLAIMS THAT MASKS WORKED, citing research from 2003 that even N95 masks are USELESS AFTER 20 MINUTES" as they are so moist they stop working for particles that they can actually filter, yet viruses are smaller than the holes anyway, they don't work with viruses AT ALL, viruses are infinitessimally small and don't exist in the air, if you believe they do demand they test the air, they are not there, yet here we are today with all sorts of claims that people and kids should wear what does not work and jump through testing hoop$ that are about one thing only, making certain people rich. The Austrailian government threatened because there were people selling masks telling that it would protect from SARS. Wakey wakey. Some are identifying as transmasks to get around these current restrictions in understanding the truth. What I like most about David Knight is he tends to teach people how to think rather than to just tell people what to think but he does believe viruses exist. On his shot August 19 2022 he mentioned the false wide believe that mosquitoes spread disease. Since virology has been totally refuted and even in court this old wives tale about viruses in mosquitoes take needs to buried. Not one mosquito has ever been proven to actually have a virus without throwing raw sewage in the mix thus skewing ALL data presented. No purified virus exists.

Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappaport
Since the HI Virus "crisis of lies" that started with Fauci's declarations of absurdity on cause of AIDS in the 1980's he has been studying and reporting on virus hunting and has a laser precise focus on the frauds. He has warned us since the start of the COVID/FRAUD of the lies. His integrity is off the charts fantastic and his writings are very well done. He typically has a new article every weekday. Recently he wrote about Jesus whether he'd be allowed to practice healing without a license. Not sure if he found out yet that Jesus was a construct of the Roman Empire. He might want to look  into that. I appreciated his work in 2020 more but then he put it behind a substack wall so now he preaches to the choir. No longer allows comments without paying for the privledge. Fuck that.

recent interview with Germ Warfare 9/29/22

interview with Rappoport and Cowan talk about no virus isolate ever been available

If Jesus returned would governments allow His healing powers to be used to cure the world's biggest health threat or would they first make him go to medical school for 10 years? And what would your world be like if viruses did not exist?

Jon Rappoport official site

Tom Woods on medical cults & dictatorships
he calls out the renamed flu fraud that has consumed the world today look on the page for his ongoing podcasts. On his page he features a book that says to end the war on terror. If we step back and think about this, the war on terror is terror! No war on terror should ever start!

he tried to inform legislators at the beginning of the fake demic

Latest Earthquakes at USGS.gov


World History


currency convert


Internet Matter


***LIE is generally understood to mean Lesson In Education and some other meanings

The information on this "site" is of general interest based on concern for humanity, health, healing, exposing fraud, marketing schemes, and obvious contradictions of HELLth authors statements, and hopefully helps those in seeking a balanced life and is intended for education and enlightment, not as medical advice or any treatment regime, and is to be considered as opinion or documentation of published claims, not any official declaration by any governing body or by publishers anywhere and is presented at this time with no interest in financial gain what so ever. The opinions or declarations by those presented within are theirs and not necessarily that of those who have contributed what is found within these "pages".

i N T E R N E T  M A T T E R


kick up some dust

what if the moon is a reflection of a bigger world than we think see if you can find the Urth there (formerly called Waldo)

we live on a planette it is a smaller section of the flat plane that stretches into infinity man has not even begun to comprehend how vast this plane extends any more than a mosquito could understand how much blood and gore is out there to feast on

"What would the world be like if everyone knew viruses do not exist and space junk is real"


Which high school created this piece of junk in art class? hint: think laughable lunar landar ha ha ha haaaaaa ha what a joke, and  look for the gold foil lam'e and cardboard pulled out of a trash bin thrown together, I can just hear them saying in crunch time, "Hey let's go with it and see if anyone notices" and no one did

No virus exists, not cold and flu (covid), not rabies, not any of them, the whole thing is a medical marketing construct using smoke, mirrors, lab fakery, assertions with no proof it's all junk science used to sell drugs that don't do anything to stop what does not exist. The only thing that ever escapes from labs is Horseshit In Virology (HIV). It's just computer models. No proof of any virus existence anywhere. The marketing term now is "in silico" which is like playing pong and believing the ball is real.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Stefan Lanka who proved viruses do not exist explain this in detail

Ya have to wonder if they fooled the public with space junk what else did "they" fool us with? What about that fear inducing nuclear bomb crap?

Have you ever seen the photos, I mean studied the photos, with an open critical mind, they shoveled into our minds about Hiroshima? How can a bomb only "vaporize" humans into dust leaving a carbon imprint on a wooden shack while the wooden shack remains standing? Impossible.

Internet Matter

does it matter?

milkin' U

camouflage green energy sucks

hold your horsepowers


read more book less

planting solar seeds

Joshua's tree

drained swamp

white colonists r us

politicial landfills

round lensists

ZERO by 50

carbon left no prints

in some worlds only the human body attempts to create immunity

in other worlds immunity does not even exist



size matters

movie this

variety is the spice

evacuating coastlines

avoid all virus hunters

no phone no food

mask you raid party

even influenza gets it

show your papers


exercise (closed)

restaurants (closed)

theaters (closed)

a flat Earth is on which planet?

what if we were on a spinning flat?

2 minutes is all it takes

what if when you wish on a star you are wishing on a swimming pool?

look at the moon on a part cloudy night where they move past and see if you notice how it goes dark when the non-cloud part passes by as seen in skies everywhere and on Justin Mac's Moon

notice too that 9 days earlier the moon is rotated about 30 degrees clockwise!

then we see the moon rotate 90 degrees clockwise! did you know it did this?

the other oddity is when the man is really on the moon he sees the moon in the distance!

There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTER


Sorry to not be the only one to burst your moon bubble but nonsensically NASA tells us that they destroyed the technology to go to the moon but that technology has been spotted at thrift shops and astronauts when asked said they did not see stars in space from there which is IMPOSSIBLE they would have to see start there is no atmosphere to block them so it appears we may have only gone to a movie set and clearly the moon is only a reflection on plasma energy as you can clearly see in the photo taken by a man on the moon that the moon is visible from the Earth. You see this is how you catch hustlers in their lies. There is no way that if we went to the Moon and physically landed there that they would decades later with all the advances not be able to because they destroyed the technology.

NASA theater lands on another movie set

we always see one side of the moon
and yet it rotates





watch the shadow of a bird or something on the surface of the moon thus using THE SCIENCE we just proved that birds also went there

what if this is a map of our universe and there are other universes beyond that into infinity

theory is the moon is plasma reflection refraction based just outside our atmosphere, look at the center that is Earth, just a fuzzy dot but in the middle, the white dot middle radius at 22:30 is Jupiter the biggest planet, the lower larger fuzziier dot further out radius at 17:45 is the Sun

some may say this is crazy or a wacky theory or lunatic

 I call it perspective

perspectives are not always correct

in ABSOLUTE science the perspective if correct can be repeated CONSISTENTLY with varied analysis we can see proof of this with many things, we theorize a moving vehicle can be built from raw materials, it gets done, it's consistent, it commutes people to places

in RELATIVE science the perspective if if incorrect does not repeat, it becomes inconsistent in it's measure and results, visuals are inconsistent, often not clear, distorted, bastardized, that would best describe the JUNK/SCIENCE of virology

the junk science of virology and it's sister drag show performer drug treatments are all over the map never providing anything but RELATIVE measure

for example the ABSOLUTE measure of what was previously known as a "vaccine" effectiveness is ZERO

the RELATIVE measure was all over the map as we saw appear during the eclipse of the SARS2 fraud

details on that comparison here

if the moon lights up the Earth when it's full then why isn't the moon being lit up when the Earth is full

someone is full of it

we should be able to see the entire moon lit as we see in a daytime image of the moon showing just a sliver why is the rest of it not visible to a degree by the reflection the Earth lit up by the sun the same way as moon lights up where we live?



you being alive saves lives

once upon a time a unicorn was not dangerous and the world was so obviously flat everyone could see how flat it was as there was no TV to tell them it was any different than what was obvious and as Christopher columbus sailed the ocean that was blue at the time they all LOL'd with him as he was going so far and it was such a flat journey they said "you will fall off" and they were the first explorers of the English language to ROFL at anyone that would actually believe that their joke would be taken seriously but that's exactly what happened by the 20th century as no one in Chrissy's time believed ever they would fall off the edge of the Earth and not hit an ice wall separating us from the bigger world we see a reflection of right in front of your face every 30 days when you see the Full Moon see if you can spot the Full Earth


in 1912 this is what was presented as a solar eclipse


stock prices Jauary 1759


Internet Matter



A little experiement shows us how science can so easily consist of magic tricks.

Here's an example of pseudoscience which is a magic trick used in virology all the time. A man "shows us" by scientific experiment that white paper "does not burn" but red paper does is his claim and we can see his "proof" right before our eyes like we see other magic tricks.

Analysis though using proper science reveals the tricks.

First, the focus of the magnified sun dot is bigger less intense heat on the white paper a disingenuous little trick by the scientist here. The focus of the magnified sun dot is intense and smaller on the red blotched paper. The red is made using a marker of red coloring which has volitile organic chemicals that BURN EASILY added to the paper. It's basically like placing a few drops of lighter fluid there in red. Thus it catches fire easily with the added heat from the more intense magnified sun dot. Basically this is the kind of science used in virology to trick people even some of the scientists and doctors, especially the public and politicians. They can't find "viruses" as they describe them so they add chemicals to a biological sample of blood or snot to make make it burn so to speak. Then they say "look that's what viruses do to the cells, it's right there we can see what they are doing" as they are pointing to a biological mess of burnt particles of what came out of bodily fluids. It's Hustle In Virology. HIV. This is the kind of science that is being hustled on the public world wide by drug companies, public institutions like the CDC, FDA, NIAID, all of them who continue to spread the lies of pseudoscience. They are all full of it. They are all Hustlers In Virology (HIV).


Hellth departments can't even prove their most basic assertions of any virus being shown to be in existence.