my absolute favorite statement of all politicians right now during the insane leadership conference going on in every city everywhere during the CODUH-20 crisis is the following

"We are building the plane as we are flying it"

Dianne Feinstein politician in California for about 7000 years now just did a whopper, she publicly stated she was for protecting the Joshua Tree with new strong protections by the state in Fish and Game hearing, while they allow the taking of entire swaths of Joshua Trees in already approved fake clean energy solar project$ where most certainly her portfolios and retirement will get some of your energy

here's the loony elitist Dianne Feinstein website made more accurate

the long term democrat in california is stuck in the water vapor climate causing clouds and cannot see through the fog well enough to understand the most basic principles of life and logic or she knows exactly what she is doing for herself and her friends that all grab your green $ energy for themselves

battling dead things that look like zombies because they move is another matter

the most retarded display ever by political elites is the latest king of them all virus claims and the wacky anti-social distancing rules guidelines adopted by zombies everywhere as if that invisible monster can't float across that 6 foot line just as easily as floating over a 1 foot distance

wreck the economy of the entire world to fight dead particles of cell debris what a plan

kaching for the medical smoke and mirror show business

in 1970's the doctors in Los Angeles went on strike and death rates dropped


they are infinitessimally so small it's like trying to figure out if Pluto is a rock, or is it a planet, or is it a rock, scientists still cannot agree because it is so hard to see the thing so like with all politicial con games they decide by committee

electron microscopes are what is used to "see" viruses which are 100x or more smaller than bacteria that no one can see with their eyes, bacteria can only be seen in an optical microscope, but these electron microscopes can "see" viruses, but they use electron beams of energy shooting the beam through the virus and thus producing a SLICE of imagery that scientists look at and interpret what they see

the ones who have lucrative patents see killer viruses

the one's like Duesberg and Hans Gelderblom see cell debris much like seeing dead skin cells they are nothing but dirt

you see

NOVEL-19 corona virus is a work of fiction as we can read in the study done by David Crowe using April 10, 2020 vision with hindsight as our new guide

please note in David Crowe's paper his website no longer functions

David Crowe left the planet in July 2020 after many years of calling out the Hustle In Virology (HIV) writing many papers with the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society

He also did podcasts regularly on Podbean which may still be available where before his death he talked about the medical treatment he was receiving, one of which was repeated CT scans which are massive doses of radiation. Medical maltreatment is a big killer right up there with cancer and heart disease!

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