David E. Martin speaks about his testimony to New Hampshire authorities regarding the mess of emergency declarations and procedures where declarations of emergency were made with no proof scientifically that any virus caused any 'new' disease and that SARS-Co viruses were not even isolated to prove their existence thus the entire foundation of all this covid insanity is based on quicksand it may look solid but when you get into it you sink and get stuck

there is a problem with the public being told there is some new disease called CoViD
there are no new diseases they are all the same old ones
there is just new marketing campaigns
''CDC is a vaccine company'' is what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. states
they go to Congress and pitch their endless need for more donations to study things
it never ends
they got $8 billion at the start of the declared 2 weeks to flatten the curve
there was never a curve that curve never existed except in pitch
it's the flu seasonal with some exceptional complications and severity in rare cases
speaking of cases CNN tirelessly pushed the case count
it was founded on the tests that find epidemiological soup and sewage
the inventor of the PCR test said decades ago not to misinterpret the amplification
they misinterpreted anyway as it is lucrative to get government to pay for tests in a fake emergency
they whole thing is a fraud
CoViD is a label it is not a disease you cannot catch labels
broken into what the acronym presents it goes like this
Corona Virus Disease in other words the flu, cold, and severe flu and cold with pneumonia
corona virus is not new and it is a broad description of viruses
it's like calling a snowflake you discovered in the frozen lab a corona virus as it has a certain shape
then claiming the variations which are endless with snowflakes is a new discovery
now give me $8 billion so I can scare the world and take every one's temperature to be safe from what is nothing new
and news networks run wild and what are they always selling, drugs
they are owned by these drug companies that's all they advertise anymore
they make billions at this game
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NASA astro not tells us that they destroyed the technology to go to the moon but that technology has been spotted at thrift shops


covid does not spread by definition it is a description of symptoms

symptoms do not spread

symptoms are a condition of a body they cannot be thrown in the air and caught by someone else any more than a cut on a finger that caused the symptom of pain could be spread

places that matter

what is Today's Date?

size matters

identities are gay

Joshua's tree

no phone no food

mask you raid party

evacuating coastlines

even influenza gets it

green is the new black

white colonists r us

politicial landfills

round lensists

ZERO by 50

carbon left no prints

exercise (closed)

restaurants (closed)

theaters (closed)

does it matter?