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NASA astro not tells us that they "destroyed the technology to go to the moon" but that technology has been spotted at thrift shops and astronauts when asked said they did not see stars in space from there. How is that even remotely possible? What if we only went to a movie set? learn more

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beware the narratives of Malone, Igan, Tenpenny, Bossche, McCullough, Stu Peters, Bryan Ardis, Passio

Sheri Tenpenny makes wild predictions like the National Enquirer supermarket magazine tells us aliens will be landing on Earth and have taken over the bodies of celebrities so that in the end days we actually get decent movies again worth watching as they are all crap now. At the start of this covid fraud (covid is a name for symptoms exactly like the flu and cold not a new disease) she predicted something like a billion people were going to die from the Trump and Fauci slime warped shots within 3 months. Then that changed to 6 months after 3 months came and went, then it became a year to 1 1/2 years, now it's "everyone who got the shot will have AIDS". She is so full of crap. Does not tell the public that placebos are used in this experiment that continues at least until January 31, 2023 so according to her bullshit everyone will get AIDS from salt water injection. Throw everything that fraud says down the toilet which is where dead cell debris (viruses) end up every day with all the other shit we can not use productively.

I think Max Igan and Robert Malone present some odd conflicting statements in the war on invisible things (rebranded cold virus) that no one has ever proven to difinitively exist. I do not trust these men nor the others listed above as the are all pushing too much drama and fear.

Malone pushes virus narrative and in my opinion is another Hustler In Virology (HIV). He is well to do having had a life time of living off the lucrative patents he owns and research grants using your money in part in mRNA tech and other drug related things. He's worked with Fauci since the 1980's closely, but he's touting himself now as a savior from that indoctrination camp, and saying the mRNA vaccines he is making a lot of money off of this last almost 2 years are bad news. This is like a cult leader saying the Devil is bad news then sucking you into other lies as many religious cults obviously do. He obviously has an alternate vaccine or pill agenda to treat a virus that is riding the back of a unicorn.

Max Igan is a traitor, he fled the covid war in Australia after many many self righteous podcasts of claiming he's a general in the war and would "punch Dan Andrews in the nose" if he had the chance. Soon as there was a glitch in his matrix he went to Mexico. Max is now living safe and secure in a wealthy estate in Mexico with Dollar Vigilante dude while we watch the truckers in Canada showing they are the generals. Max now sits there comfortably high on his new horse telling us how to fight while we watch real warriors like Chris Sky fully engaged in Canada. Max Igans podcasts are a complete waste of time. Here's another take on his nonsense. Avoid that shill.

Truckers surely tuned into Chris Sky's live speeches everywhere in that country and podcasts for their inspiration and news on the many aspects of his involvement as a leader, that assisted in the truckers driving into Ottowa from all over to protest and demand a complete end to this fake virus threat tyrrany and those truckers who truly represent the people are winning.

Max Igan together with Mark Passio wow what a team! Passio is a loud mouthed stunningly handsome fundamentalist bigot that hates gays (overcompensating closet queen). Max starts this podcast saying to not be afraid to stand up against injustice, so I did, his injustice. Max is another cult leader sitting high on his cozy horse that leaves the war behind to instead become a TV evangelist elsewhere. Passio is PASSIOnate (did he change his name if so that is BRILLIANT) but flies into rages against absurdities. Sure there's good stuff said but looking at the WHOLE MESSAGE and it's core I think it's too full of crap.

listen to an analysis on Malone where they speculate he might be groomed to be Fauci's replacement

Malone claims it's "nucking futz" as he put it to send athletes to China as he preaches it would put them all in danger of the China SARS wackoff virus, what are we on variant #248,302,323,444,666 now? Does not compare virus variants to snowflake variants which are all different yet the same.

Malone perpetuates virus fear campaigns and profits off them. I trust nobody that does this. Viruses do not exist.

Malone calls for massive vaccination for the "delta" variant snowflake with the very injection technology he's out of the other side of his mouth claiming the mRNA tech is bad. Contradicts. Something is wrong here. He's made millions in the industry.

So if he replaced Fauci guess what, you'd all be sent to your room with no dessert and no dinner just an internet connection to feel connected.

Although he tries to set some balance against vaccination as many a cult or sleasy religious leader would do, he trashes the mRNA technology he invented, the idea that there's a virus that causes "outbrakes" is what's loony.

Malone pushes ISOLATION and tracking and tracing which is a retarded response to viruses THAT DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH. Does not push for red bio-hazard bins in every home and public space to collect and dispose of properly the face diapers slothered with deadly viruses. If there was a hazard this would be a priority. There is no virus threat.

He's also spotted here in reference for a presentation mentioned around 7 minutes in about his conflicts of interest and even in a paper where he purposely misspelled a name to obfuscate. VIROLIEGY is where they lie and lie and lie continually claiming viruses exist and have this new method or that such as the bizarre quest to have real time immediate response with real time monitoring of the body to inject whatever vaccine needed immediate to "infection" it's a warped world that is all about DRUG/PUSHING when there is no proof of this supposed cause anywhere on the planet. Mr. Global wants a one world health care system that in the end will make covid shutdowns look like being Shanghai'd was like going to Disneyland. The whole bigger and better health care by one is nothing more than corporatism porfolioist caviar infused riches for them while you can't even see a doctor without being fumigated for paracites, chemicals of which all feed these portfolios. They all talk and talk and talk and it's all built on the lie of viruses being monsters when they are better interpreted as being cell poop as Hans Gelderblom, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman eloquently explain using forensic analysis and perfected observation. Part of this one world approach claims species neutrality is the way to salvation.

Viruses do not exist and I'm getting fed up with listening to all the liars, deceivers, egomaniacs, drug pushers, and the never ending supply of virus hunter$ that all channel your money into their portfolios as they keep pushing THE VIRUS LIE either due to their stupidity, arrogance, so it's time to devote a page to calling out those who I don't like. To be clear, although I believe in not "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" so to speak, there comes a time where you have to focus your energy properly or nothing gets done. I will explain who to focus on further down this page.

After two years of the exponentially infused virus mania and having embarked on more intense study and digging that ever in my life I have noticed there are those good people who are calling out the lies about the fake pandemic, yet still believe and push the lie that any virus exists. Top on my list today is Dr. Robert Malone who's become quite the celebrity though he claims he's never intended such exposure. He seems like a good guy and well, likely he is, I'm just finding need to focus on his statements about viruses and am criticizing only that as to perpetuate the lie about viruses is the biggest problem of all in this new upside down pyramid approach to "health" governed by those who never actually evaluate you.

Malone says he invented mRNA technology which is an obvious and obnoxious failure now as it was then when it was first created 2 decades ago, so first, to listen to the presentation of someone who's invention failed, is well, can we step back a bit...... he presents him self as an expert on that failed technology thus deserves a pointed critique.

He does slam down all forced injection measures doing so with a vengeance which is good, but he keeps pushing the virus causes disease lie which is bad.

I compare some of these sales techniques and methods used by all the virus hunters to how a used car salesman might present a car that's nothing but problems. Government is worse of course, it's like they are pushing this failed technology desperate to get the car or vaccine off the lot, one heavily invested in with interest payments due to the bank.

Another analogy of this whole virus hunting mess is like the school yard bully that steals lunch money and coerces and threatens the child into being the bully's slave for the entire school year and then next, leaving the kid terrified constantly every day.

Malone presents that a hemorragic fever virus like Ebola is spreading in China

This is fear porn based on the lie that a virus exists.

We have to get a grip on this undeniable fact that virology is one big fat HUSTLE. That is why I now call it Hustle In Virology (HIV).

Tom Cowan who is probably THE BEST person to listen to on these matters calls out this hustle big time even laughing off the total absurdity of it's entire foundations

Abra Cadabra variants discovered!

The Ebola lie coming from the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) is based on the lies of virus even existing which they do not.

Diseases are complex, the body has amazing abilities to remain healthy and repair when given the proper necessary fuels, and nutrition. All of these exotic diseases are traced to problems with environment, lack of clean water, nutrition, no food not a lack of artificial injection serums.

So in reality Malone perpetuates the total misunderstanding constantly repeated about Dangerous Unicorns (DU) as he keeps saying viruses cause disease. That keeps heads spinning. That has to stop. That spinning has to stop for healing and proper choices.

There are only a handful and I mean that literally only those you can pick up with your two hands and actually lift up from the ground that are worth listening to any more as all these others be they for artificial immunity injections or for natural immunity development projects, they all keep perpetuating fear of viruses and keep heads spinning and the drama soaring everywhere bumping into those thick non existent CO2 clouds, perpetuating IT ALL when they keep repeating the lie that viruses have ever been proven to exist.

These GREATS who are fully on the right track are Jon Rappoport, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Christine Massey. They have a thorough understanding of what is going on and can explain it well. You should seek out everything they have ever presented in video and written data.

Watch a recent interview with Massey and Cowan  also on Odyssee

Another I don't like anymore is Dr. Peter McCullough. At first I liked how he called out the lies about a "new killer disease" but his drama never ends. He and Massey communicated after Massey challenged him to provide evidence of any virus existing. McCullough could not and as is the case with all of these virus hunters after being confronted with the fact that virology never proved it's assertions. He was unable to present what should be simple reference to solid evidence in published papers, which also happened with Fraudci in the 1980's when the inventor of PCR testing Kary Mullis challenged Fauci and all the other scientists on the existence of alleged "HIV" they simply put up their walls and stop communicating, never providing evidence then try to discredit those who challenge them. They could not point to any published evidence!

He recently trashed this publication oddly enough

View this presentation

Geert Vanden Bossche goes off into the twilight warp zone with fear pushing agenda seems lost in that belief of viruses presenting wild claims of doom. Del Bigtree shouldn't feature him as he is on his high horse of virus causation with no proof. Like religious zealots. He was on Del Bigtree episode 266

CONFLICT OF INTEREST IS KEY POINT TO PAY ATTENTION TO IN ALL CLAIMS MADE and also just the quest for fortune by fame and popular interest getting people's attention so that you can watch the money roll in

This was emphasised in further review we learn that McCullough pushes in 2021 NOVAVAX. He's "not anti-vax". He has stated he's got a copyrighted treatment program for THE/VIRUS so it's obvious why he's appearing in hearings and committees.

In this interview one of his presentations is reviewed by the speaker at The American Liberty Forum. Makes wild claims of 80% effective. But again even with this presenter (I don't know his name) he uses faulty virus theories and claim of PCR "test" being accurate, that you "get infected" with virus, that variants exist (think snowflakes all different yet the same if you want to compare to their wild variant claims) all these people in virology are story tellers making things up as they go, quoting others who make things up in the laboratory then publish their reports that support other made up theories.

At least McCullough and Malone are trying to get a certain part of what is a good message accross, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE SHOTS, but they fail miserably in that they keep hysteria going, and push other shots, they are still injections of bizarre things, he's possibly more interested in promotion of self, the fear of viruses and this is fundamental belief that needs to be understood, viruses do not exist. They have never ever been PROVEN to exist, only asserted as existing using round about ways of presenting a way to find blame for one thing, making it simple to say "Oh that did it" or "Oh now we know it was a virus" rather than explaining the complexities and multi causal aspects of what causes disease in the body.

The way they "prove" a virus exists is like how a California governor would "prove" that a criminal exists merely by seeing a broken window in front of a business, and thus to isolate the criminal declares the entire state has to be locked down, then when he sees people moving about, calls them all the potential criminal, then to isolate the actual criminal from all those moving about says they all have to be tested for broken glass, and shattered expectations of government schizophrenia, and when 90% test positive for broken glass with tests that cannot find any specific particle of anything, says everyone needs to be vaccinated for criminality.


Another to beware is Dr. Bryan Ardis a chiropractor warning the dangers of Remdesivir and the disease of FAUCI/HUSTLES but he got into claiming snake venom is in the water supply and that is causing that corona thingy. No real evidence presented just snippets of things like what is done in religion hyped up to the maximum. Appeared with Stu Peters who also supplies endless hype.

The greats who really call out the viruse lies and present a balanced understanding include Dr. Andrew Kaufman website and

Today's word problem:

If c-word shots are so dangerous as many say by those who say shots are dangerous then why is there ALLEGEDLY a man who for "privacy" reasons his name is not disclosed who had 90 shots in order to sell the passports to others not dead?

It's likely this is a response by the vax pushers to throw another monkey wrench into people's heads or the shots are all placebos or as California's pan states it the most harmful ingredient in the vaccines is water as he references how more kids drown in pools than die of vaccines. What if that is all they are is water?

It's become ovious as we learned starting in the year of 2020 perfect vision that viruses have never been proven to exist and vaccines are unnecessary for health unless maybe they have been forged into a talisman.