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NASA astro not tells us that they "destroyed the technology to go to the moon" but that technology has been spotted at thrift shops and astronauts when asked said they did not see stars in space from there. How is that even remotely possible? What if we only went to a movie set? learn more

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in some worlds only the human body creates immunity VISIT THIS WORLD

Coronavirus -  American Medical Association medical reference calls it common cold

MANDATED VACCINES ARE ALL ILLEGAL - THEIR BASIS IN LAW DOES NOT EXIST - this is concluded from the case by Dr. Stefan Lanka in German Supreme Court that in 2018 declared it was PROVEN the measles virus does not exist, DOES NOT EXIST

Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in German court in 2018 that the measles virus does not exist

If indeed it does not exist what is the basis for California and many other places mandating the measles vaccine? There is NONE. The court case proved there is no basis in law to mandate the vaccine. This applies to every other vaccine as they are all based on illusions and assertions, not absolute fact AND EXPLAINS the push at warp speed to introduce new technology using mRNA as all vaccines are based on the imaginary belief in viruses. No virus has ever been isolated to prove existence, all they ever see in a microscope is biological sludge. Virology and need to inject people with chemical concoctions is financial based smoke, mirrors, elaborate dog and pony shows based on LIE$. Dr. Stefan Lanka is in the small group of the finest scientist of all scientists in the entire world, a great human being. His works should be fundamental to all study in virological thought leading us on better pathways to health and the human condition. Measles was on the decline in the 1960's not due to vaccines it was due to environmental changes that can include changes in toxin exposures. The entire virus blame game has been proven to be wrong.

one of his presentations is found here

Canada legal group called the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms points out how the CDC is manipulating the public and has been for decades, saying:

CDC just updated the definitions of immunity and vaccine on September 1, 2021 - swapping out the prior 'produce immunity' to 'provide protection'

The CORRUPT/CDC change of definition could be compared to a manufacturer of a fire fighting hose telling you that his fire hose that uses water will not put out a fire anymore, it will only attempt to, it offers protection and the corrupt Los Angeles city council telling everyone in Los Angeles that they all need to have a fire hose and fire department employee in their home "to be protected". In reality of course there are many other factors and no fire house puts out any fire, only water does, so it's a legal definition change and important to understand this concept, it is basically an admission by CDC that vaccines NEVER PROVIDED IMMUNITY, the body is the only way to immunity, thought that word 'immunity' is a misleading construct as the body is in constant process, there really is no such thing as being immune. CDC used the term "immunization" for decades improperly to mislead and sales pitch. Vaccines are only a tool made of chemicals, synthetic formulas like nylon, not as good as natural blends, and there are too many other factors (which are often ignored). This should lead us to seriously question everything ever told to the public about viruses. For the last 100 years we have been told they provide immunity, it was obviously a lie. Many have long ago and more recently concluded that VIRUSES do not even exist, rather they are part of the body's cleansing processes, mislabled by those focused on the virus hunting sport and it's massive profits, they have ven been just called cellular debris by the world's finest electron microscope scientists such as Hans Gelderblom, not monsters, better labeled fraud. In quest for study and sharing these truths I bring you some of these bright stars on the internet for your consideration of study in this brave new world THAT MAKES SENSE, bright stars online we can actually see, not like those that astronauts that "went to the moon" claim they could not see when they were supposedly in an environment that had no atmosphere thus all stars should have been clearly visible. I hope my writings and references make it clear to you how we have been lied to about so many things and how to spot these lies and adjust accordingly.

David E. Martin
David E. Martin
Read his article where on April 22, 2020 he evidenced that 'covid-19' was result of illegal coordinated actions of CDC, NIH, Fauci, USHHS, WHO and here we are today 1 year later instead of 2 weeks cleaning up their mess while they have all your money once again and the facts about this criminal fraud is staring fact checkers from behind they refuse to turn around and look a recent video where he was asked to testify in New Hampshire about this corona thing. Visit his website and view latest expose he presents with Stew Peters
and here he speaks about the computer simulation we are now in where virus is a computer models and how the current models from Fauci's NAID gain of  function research dating back to 1999 as a vector in HIV treatment.

He has recently published the Fauci Dossier exposing the fraud and corruption of Fauci.

watch his presentation first  read the full 200 pages here

The meat of the document is a mere 24 pages so it's an easy read, most is reference.

Take special note:

  • page 5 which mentions how things found in nature are not patentable

  • page 6 the claim that Fauci's "abuse of the patent law is detailed below

  • Fauci's willful and deceptive use of the term 'vaccine' in patents and public pronouncements to pervert the meaning of the term for the manipulation of the public."

  • Fauci's "bogus invention"

  • page 8 he quotes marketing schemes to "hype" the product

  • page 17 it is noted that the term "The New Normal" was first introduced by Merck on January 6, 2004

  • page 23 presents over 5000 patents since 1998 referencing SARS coronavirus so contrary to most individuals beliefs this is not new and also on that page reference that Moderna patented 9 months before SARS-cov-2 outbreak!

  • page 25 statement that Fauci forced upon a healthy population an unlawful clinical trial

  • page 26 states all agencies that demand the use of face masks must cease and decist as they are all violating the FTC Act

additional information on David E. Martin

He is routinely calling out lies everywhere tackling the corona fake crisis totalitarianism environment he's high energy and quite the talker and one of the rare folk who actually go to public meetings and make their opinions known where it counts. His free speaking to the public officials helped stop the insane restrictions. He pointed out recently that the Ununited States press secretary Jen who keeps going in circles keeps lying about THE/VAX. Jen as press secretary publicly claims it's 'approved by FDA' like all of the lying politicians and presidents and formers that keep pushing it on the public. IT IS NOT APPROVED BY FDA AND NOT LICENSED - it is an experiment using humans as lab rats and using unproven alleged genetic manipulation that could be dangerous, and in being a test trial contains placebos, and drug amounts in varying doses, we might note that those businesses or employers who would ban the 'unvaccinated' from venues or employ are allowing many in who are "vaccinated" who merely have placebos. The COVID/SCAM IS being used in a fake emergency declared by fake liars everywhere who fake injections on themselves for real profits.

Update: 9/27/2021 this last month FDA "approved" a different version of the injection product with the same ingredients but a different name which then carries LIABILITY and this product IS NOT AVAILABLE so although they say "it's approved by the FDA" it's not available and may never be available as the humans as lab rats EXPERIMENT does not end until January 31, 2023 and this is a marketing trick and very deceitful.

Buy his hat! Watch his podcasts on BitChute.

David Crowe "The Infectious Myth"

The late David CroweIf you still think viruses exist you need to start here.' David was a hero, a few months before he passed he and Virstyne Henry spoke about the corona fraud. It's a worthy watch and listen. He also tackled the Ebola fraud and the cold, flu, pneumonia virus renamed in 2020 as SARS/CORONA scare mongering viruses in the new novel authored by America's finger down your throat mister Fauci who is constantly lying. David also was head of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS association which exposed the many lies that Fauci has injected into so many people. David also has presented facts on HIV which like SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated to prove it was real. This is the same problem with the "novel" fiction coronavirus claimed to be a specific thing, no isolation. For some this may be hard or impossible to believe but these realities have been presented to the public for decades.  He also wrote on why he believes 5G is not the cause of any disease condition.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Forensic analysis of fundamental structures of virology exposes the lies that have been presented by others. He brilliantly shows how viruses are exosomes not infectious critters, instead presenting with such unwavering logic how science already proved that what is called a virus is merely an element of what the body creates to remove toxins. We have been misled by those who have a vested interested in creating fear unnecessarily.

learn more

view his many presentations here

Peggy Hall "The Healthy American"
Peggy Hall at The Healthy AmericanShe has been speaking on the ways to protect yourself from the lies. Has many presentations on how to beat the absurd dictates that are not based on law but rather on bad science. She spoke recently with the Human Resources department of Kaiser and pointed out how people can work the religious exemption properly for those employed there.

Dr. Peter McCullough
Explains in detail why we will never vaccinate our way out of any pandemic.

David Gornoski
In one of his discussions he points out how vegetable oils are so unhealthy and how  "the experts" such as Fauci who is really just another lying politician don't regularly go on TV to tell children to not eat those oils for their health. His official website A very interesting podcast of his examins the state sponsored attack on generic meds

Many of his podcasts also on

Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity
Ron Paul
Ron Paul's son is Rand Paul who is Kentucky senator who calls out Fraudci regularly though he needs to go a step further and bash the vaccine industry entirely, Ron's weekdaily podcast is based on a perspective of liberty and human rights are the basis for everything and when politicians rape those liberties as was done with the virus hunting insanity more harm is caused. Rand Paul is now calling for criminal investigation on Fauci.

David Knight
The David Knight Show is on daily in the mornings 5 days a week
The David Knight Show homepage  watch live M-F 9am eastern

He gets 5 stars for integrity in numerous core issues on liberty. He has covered daily in depth the congame-19 medical marketing fraud and shut down scam and who the players are. In one episode he mentions "Australia - the government threatened people with massive fines for the FRAUDULENT CLAIMS THAT MASKS WORKED, citing research from 2003 that even N95 masks are USELESS AFTER 20 MINUTES" as they are so moist they stop working for particles that they can actually filter, yet viruses are smaller than the holes anyway, they don't work with viruses AT ALL, viruses are infinitessimally small and don't exist in the air, if you believe they do demand they test the air, they are not there, yet here we are today with all sorts of claims that people and kids should wear what does not work and jump through testing hoop$ that are about one thing only, making certain people rich. The Austrailian government threatened because there were people selling masks telling that it would protect from SARS. Wakey wakey. Some are identifying as transmasks to get around these current restrictions in understanding the truth. episode on Oct 5 2021

page of shows with synopisis easy to reference

David is a fundamentalist Christian so might put off those who are gay. He can get into his rants against the homosexual community that are nauseating such as the typical fundamentalist distortion of calling teenagers children when referring to sexual education. They are young adults not children. Don't throw him out with the bathwater though. It would be nice if these fundamentalists would get over their sexual expression prejudices, as they hightlight freedom of expression they keep trashing it in the sexual expression arena. This is why gays constantly vote Democrat even when they get treated like rags as we saw with the fraud-19 mask-u-raid party.

The Highwire with Del Bigtree
Del Bigtree
Health matters discussed more recently on the CoViD fraud Del produced the TV series "The Doctors" now stars in his own show without the restrictions of being governed by the Medical Dictatorships (MD) that have their be$t intere$t$ in mind. Lately he's been focused too much on the conspiracy that's been buzzing that 'it escaped from the lab', I think what escaped from the lab was story telling, nothing more THE/VIRUS is a novel, a work of fiction. Del seems to be stuck on the virus mutation theory claiming new threat, much like the drama we saw in most modern medias so this is disappointing. He also was sick with something this year 2021 around May and flew off to Mexico for some treatment. Nice to have all that money to do that from donations and be well enough to get on a private jet. That highlights there is a serious problem with American "health" care and treatment of which the foundational base of this problem is legal wranglings. Del has some fantastic guests, insight, analysis, and he too is one who actually will make his voice heard at official FDA hearings and such with public comment so he is one of those who is getting a lot done.

Reiner Fuelmich
Based in Germany he is suing world governments for corona virus protocol fraud. His website and address. Read the about page for details on him and associates. 5 hour presentation.

Kevin P. Corbett
Dr. Kevin P. Corbett is well accredited with a doctorate and was there in the AIDS crisis when others shunned
He is a registered nurse with doctorate degree where in the 1980's HI virus panic like today's he was one of the few who was there helping the first AIDS patients up close, touching them, not afraid of catching it, and has observed similar problems with the latest crisis in viral misunderstandings on health and disease. We do not catch diseases flying in the air.

view his art, credentials, and and very precise take down of the coronavirus fraud here 

view his talk on the subject here 

health officials knew there would be a lot of adverse reactions to any injection protocol look at the warning

here Kevin speaks at a rally  in Glasgow England 9/18/2021

Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappaport
Since the HI Virus "crisis of lies" that started with Fauci's declarations of absurdity on cause of AIDS in the 1980's he has been studying and reporting on virus hunting and has a laser precise focus on the frauds. He has warned us since the start of the COVID/FRAUD of the lies. His integrity is off the charts fantastic and his writings are very well done. He typically has a new article every weekday.

Jon Rappoport official site

Kevin J. Johnston
Kevin J. Johnston was first in small groups of those calling out the COVID/FRAUD and he is running for mayor of Calgary in Canada
Running for Calgary Mayor in Canada October 2021 election and suing Doug Ford and stores over fake virus threats and lockdown nonsense. Shows how he's suing Toronto mayor as well. This guy is a trooper the kind of fighter FOR THE PEOPLE Canada needs right now as the Faucist infectious regime of every modern country has taken over, even church is banned there now.

Kevin J. Johnston official site

Virstyne Henry "Truther Talk"
Virstyne Henry "Truther Talk"
New link has her full array of podcasts. This gal has a great balance. High integrity. Down to Earth. Fantastic.

Here she calls out Candace Owens

Candace Owens
During black history month she reviews The Tuskeegee Experiment carried out by those who claim they 'care about your health' the government did an unethical experiment on humans, using poor blacks as test subjects. Instead of giving them treatment for their disease using penicillin the authorities purposely told doctors to not treat them. On her blog she talks about how journalism has become sadistic. My view goes like this "journalism has become journalsadism to be emphasized like this in print journalSADism, they take pleasure inflickting pain."

her blog page

Tim Pool
Covers a wide variety of topics and issues of interest he is one of the brightest new stars in broadcasting with high levels of integrity.

view his broadcasts here

Mike Lindell and "Lindell TV"
High priced shredded foam pillow salesman Mike Lindell is the My Pillow Guy who during the 2020 election felt it was being manipulated by artificial intelligence or aliens so he started speaking out and this has evolved into his own TV network online. It's often LIVE and features various guests and discussions many of which are regarding either regular political issues or the corona virus hysteria and fraud. Like with everything don't throw the big baby out with the bathwater.

Professor Wofgang Wodard

Issued warning
to world governments of possible genocidal use of biological weapon using new technology unproven as safe while marketed as safe like how a used car salesman would do. He called out the 'vaccine' to treat corona which is the flu. Spoke with Reiner Fuelmich in detail. Warning to UK government of their participation in a planned global genocide-19.

View his discussion with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Reiner Fuellmich is suing goverments over this fraud.

Dr. Tim O'Shea
Watch his explanation
from at the start of the fake 19demic as to why no one can prove an a specific diagnosis, it's just an opinion being presented. Listen to one or more of his many podcasts on this subject here.

Tom Cowan
Watch his recent video explaining why they told scientists to build a test to find unicorns now used to "find" a corona virus that does not exist has never been proven to exist. He also in his presentation mentions Stephen Lanka who offered $100k reward to prove measles virus exists, German court decided there was no evidence any measles virus exists, no one was able to claim the $100k reward anywhere in the world because it does not exist.

Children's Health Defense
Robert F. Kennedy is a man of integrity going after the lies of big drug pushers. visit their official website

Karen Kingston
Exposed the graphene content in EUA shots and all the lies, watch her presentation here with Stew Peters.

Connecting Consciousness
Young dude talks balance, healing, metaphysical principles, avoiding chemicals. Connecting Consciousness

James Corbett
Has a site called The Corbett Report that is not the same as above Kevin P. Corbett. His reports come from Japan. Over 400 episode podcasts.

Lockdown Sceptics
Based in Europe they cover the current fakedemic from a sceptical perspective as should all be sceptical or is that skeptical, in Europe it's sceptical in America it's skeptical, unfortunately Americans are too glued to their TV news to understand well enough. Lockdown Sceptics official website

Robert Scott Bell
He has a daily podcast that calls out all the government drug bullies as his focus is as a base holistic healthing and maintenance. He covers various areas of politics and methodologies of science and treatment. Robert Scott Bell official website

Patrick Timpone
With over 50 years of radio broadcasting experience and knowledge in health matters from a variety of angles, he presents regular live podcasts presented a great one where we see a short segment where Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman analogized the covid fraud rather well.

Life Site News

visit his One Radio Network here

Tom Woods on medical cults & dictatorships
he calls out the renamed flu fraud that has consumed the world today

he tried to inform legislators at the beginning of the fake 19 demic

David Icke
He is outspoken against lockdowns but where is he in speaking publicly in council meetings for public record direct to those in the orchestra pit? He's a multi-millionaire from decades of publishing and seminars and could be doing more in the public record arena. I would think that would do more than rallying up people and making money off the attention theatre. It's like all those self help seminars that make gobs of money and basically hype you up and tell you things you could read in a book for $20, he is spot on though on many of his observations and analysis so his materials are worth studying he gets 4.5 stars anyway.

view one of his videos of many here

Vernon Coleman
Studying and reporting on health matters for many decades in England with a perspective of high integrity his more recent "Old man in a chair" series exposes the lies of the corona-not-novel virus scam since the start see his videos here. Sometimes a little over the top in his own drama, he recently claimed he's not doing any more after the internet offended him, mocking his one where he cried. It was a great episode showing his love of humanity. Here's that allegedly last video. Someone obviously told him "it's just the fucking internet dude it's HELL, it's like if you are going to go there and expect Satan to be on his best behavior like God, it ain't like that" and "it does not matter what people say". For reference there's a good book he should read "What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business" by Terry Cole-Whittaker a self help guru of the 1980's who is still alive.

visit Vernon Coleman official website here

Dr. Lee Merritt
She explains the plandemic and the many aspects of what is not a real health matter it is a psychological operation to train people to submit and if they don't they are going to be separated (but equal?) as they already did with distancing and all these unscientific demands. Masks do not stop any virus nor do plastic dividers nor does 6 feet, this is an absolute yet the masters tell their slaves to wear them as a symbol of submission. Problem is she pushes this idea that if 'when the thing started' in January 2020 and every man, woman, child was given hydrozkwvheoolercqunie pills 2x a day for 2 weeks the entire thing would have beeen over. That is stupid. There is no new virus. It's the same old flu and old people dying from old diseases. Less than 1% reduction based on manufacturer's actual data. No one knows what is in the vaccine. 3 dimensional stereo chemistry. They don't know how it works. Why would anyone trust these pharmaceutical companies when they constantly lie.

i would personally like to thank all those listed above for their incredible contributions to humanity

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